QMobile & PTA to Hold Telecom Cricket Cup This Weekend

Being a supporter of cricket and other sports at the international level for the country, QMobile, one of Pakistan’s leading Smartphone brands, has taken an initiative to support corporate sports in the country.

Tribute to Misbah Ul Haq

QMobile is not only working actively to promote sports in Pakistan but has a very keen interest in highlighting our legends in international Sports as well.

To begin this initiative QMobile is offering its tribute to Pakistan’s legendary Test Skipper Misbah ul Haq on 23rd September ,2017 in an event in Islamabad.

This event has been sponsored by Q Mobile in partnership with PTA and Islamabad United. and in collaboration with industry leaders such as Hypernym, PathFinder Group, KEENU, HYFENTER and others.

Sportsfever360 is a managing partner for this event. PTV Sports is a  broadcasting partner while, FM91 Pakistan is a Radio Media Partner .

1st Q Mobile Telecom Cup

In a world where corporate routines are becoming tougher day by day, employees should have a medium to build team spirit with the help of sports-related activities. This is where they could showcase their athletic skills, and relax between work.

One avenue to encourage corporate teams to take time out of their busy schedule and discover their hidden sportsmanship, has been announced today. Pakistan’s first Telecom Cup, powered by Q Mobile, will play host to teams from the country’s Telecom industry starting from  24th September , 2017 in Islamabad.

Below is the formation of Groups for 1st Telecom Cup , 2017:


Keep Visiting QMobile and Sportsfever360’s Facebook Page for more updates on Tribute Event and 1st QMobile Telecom Cup, 2017.

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