ANF Seizes Drugs Worth Rs. 882 Million in 15 Raids

The Anti Narcotics Force (ANF) has recovered 762 Kg of drugs, amounting to Rs 882 million in the international market during counter raids against drug smugglers.

According to press release, the ANF has arrested 17 drug offenders and impounded 4 vehicles in 15 counter narcotics raids conducted across the country.

The recovered drugs comprised 630 Kg Hashish, 129 Kg Opium, 2.1 Kg Heroin, 1.5 Kg Methamphetamine, 400 Gram Amphetamine, 252000 Alprazolam Tablets, 67850 Diazapam Tablets, 17500 Bipronorphine Injection, 31900 Valron Injection, 76 Bottles Liquor and 300 Tins of Beer.

Operations in Quetta

The ANF Quetta, in an intelligence based operation carried out at District Qilla Abdullah, seized 495 Kg Hashish. The drug was stocked at an isolated site situated at general area of Killi Pankai, Tehsil Gulistan, District Qilla Abdullah.

The drug was placed for transfer to another narcotics gang for further transportation to some unidentified location.

In another intelligence based operation, ANF Quetta captured a Truck at Hoshab Road, Kech and recovered 100 Kg Opium concealed in secret cavities of the truck.

ANF Quetta also intercepted a Toyota Single Cabin Pick-up at general area Turbat Panjgur Road, Panjgur. Search of the vehicle led to seizure of 20 Kg Opium, 76 Bottles of Liquor and 300 Tins of Beer.

However, passengers and the driver managed to flee from the scene taking advantage of the darkness.

In fourth operation, ANF Quetta in pursuance of information, intercepted a Toyota Jeep at general area near Kashti Chowk, Panjgur and recovered 9 Kg Opium and 8 Kg Hashish concealed in improvised cavities of the vehicle. A person on board identified as Noor Bakhsh resident of Panjgur was also apprehended during the operation.

Operations in Rawalpindi

ANF Rawalpindi arrested a foreign bound passenger, identified as Abdullah Khan resident of Charsadda, at Benazir Bhutto International Airport, Islamabad on suspicion of having ingested heroin filled capsules.

Later on, 400 Gram Amphetamine was recovered from ingested Heroin filled capsules. He was to take off for Doha by Qatar Airways flight number QR-633.

In another operation, ANF Rawalpindi arrested a suspected passenger Muhammad Rehman resident of Mardan at Benazir Bhutto International Airport, Islamabad while he was to board for Abu Dhabi by Shaheen Airline Flight No. NL-551. During interrogation, he confessed of having Heroin filled capsules in his stomach, which later on resulted in recovery of Heroin weighing 620 grams.

Operations in Lahore

ANF Lahore, while acting on a tip intercepted a Toyota Corolla XLI car near Faiz Pur Motorway Toll Plaza, Lahore and recovered 108 Kg Hashish concealed inside the car. Two drug traffickers persons on board namely Muhammad Shabbir and Muhammad Sawar – both residents of Sheikhupura – were also arrested during the operation.

Operations in Peshawar

ANF Peshawar during routine checking near Motorway Toll Plaza arrested a drug carrier namely Tanveer Abbas resident of Attock along with 1 Kg Hashish and 2 Gram Methamphetamine.

He was arrested while traveling in a passenger van.

In another operation, ANF Peshawar recovered 2 Kg Hashish by arresting an accused, identified Asad Khan resident of Khyber Agency. He was arrested near CPEC Bridge, Shahia Dangi, Haripur.

ANF Peshawar also arrested a foreign bound passenger identified as Abdul Ghafoor resident of Kurram Agency at Peshawar Airport and recovered 1.5 Kg Methamphetamine concealed in a trolley bag.

The accused also confessed of having ingested Heroin filled capsules, which later on resulted in recovery of 500 Gram Heroin. He was to take off by flight G9-555.

In fourth operation, ANF Peshawar arrested a foreign bound passenger, identified as Farhan Jal resident of Hangu, at Peshawar Airport who confessed of having ingested Heroin filled capsules.

Later on, 760 Gram Heroin was recovered from capsules. He was boarding for UAE by flight G9-825.

In addition to this, ANF Peshawar intercepted a Toyota Premeo car near main Motorway Toll Plaza, Peshawar and recovered 4.8 Kg Hashish during search of the car. Hashish was concealed inside the rear door of the car. Two persons on board – namely Abid and Sohaib both residents of Kohat – were arrested during the operation.

Operations in Karachi

ANF Karachi in pursuance of information raided a residential flat at SV Complex KDA, Scheme-I, Karachi and recovered psychotropic drugs including 252000 Alprazolam, 67850 Diazapam, 17500 Bipronorphine Injections and 31900 Valron Injections.

Two people, identified as Muhammad Amir and Muhammad Saleh, were also apprehended during the operation.

In another operation, ANF Karachi raided a drug den at Dodax Sheet Factory, Pakhtoonabad, Manghupir Road, Karachi, recovering 12 Kg Hashish while arrested four drug peddlers, including Ikram Zada, Habib Zada, Zamin Khan and Khuram Zaman.

ANF Karachi also seized 290 Grams Heroin by intercepting a Netherland bound parcel being sent through a courier service company based at Karachi.

In fourth operation, ANF Karachi recovered 1.05 Kg Hashish by arresting a local drug supplier identified as Muhammad Yousaf resident of Thatta. He was arrested from Hussainabad, Hyderabad.

All cases have been registered at respective ANF Police Stations and further investigations are underway.

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