PAF is Fully Capable of Defending Pakistan: Air Chief

Commander of the Kuwaiti Air Force, Major General Abdullah Al-Foudari, has expressed the desire to further augment relations with Pakistan in different fields including defense and security.
He was addressing the passing out parade of Combat Support Force at PAF Asghar Khan Academy Risalpur Friday.

The Kuwaiti commander said both the countries enjoy historic relations in different areas including military training. He was confident that these relations will continue to grow in the years to come.

Speaking on the occasion, Air Chief Sohail Aman, said that both Pakistan and Kuwait enjoy strong brotherly relations based on shared history, traditions and religion. Both the countries have long history of cooperation at the government and air force level.

The Air Chief said that Pakistan Air Force is poised to meet any of the internal and external challenges. He said our success in the war on terrorism is a testimony to the fact that the force has a firm resolve to work in synergy with other two sister forces to root out the menace of terror from our motherland and the region.

Sohail Aman said that Pakistan is a peace loving country and supports peace efforts in the world, the region and the Middle East.

Air Chief Marshal Sohail Aman claimed that Pakistan Air Force is capable to meet any challenge and defend aerial frontiers of the country.

Sohail Aman said the air force is playing its role to establish peace, adding that the forces rendered sacrifices in the war against terrorism. He also said that cooperation between the forces of Pakistan and Turkey is expanding, adding that it will grow further.

The Air Chief appreciated the performance of twelve cadets of Kuwaiti force, who took part in the training.

    • What happened to same forces in 1971, in Kargil and even now against American came and Killed OBL and left without any hindrance. Lately The USA Drones has killed people within Pakistan where was our Air force.

  • Tall claims from those who cannot shoot down drones and most importantly American helicopters coming in and taking Most Wanted from Abbottabad.(You know whom I am referring to) and then Indian’s claim a surgical strike.

    • If you still believe Usama Bin Laden found and killed in Abbottabad. And India Did surgical strike then you must watch PoGo becuase these types of writing showing your knowledge is insuficient you just believe in what you read and saw. 2nd Pakistan is capable to destroy American Drones but I don’t know about the policy of Pakistan Army they know their best….

      • How dare you talk about the Naked Truth! Dude Plz don’t waste ur time with these liberal fascist who studied in O/A Levels and brainwashed by their Oxford University Press. OBL is long dead dear (in 2001.) What happened in Abbottabad is just fascist zionist propaganda drama.

        • Live in fools paradise. all you guys have no picture seems you are those to whom we call people in Dark. Probably you have no idea of Fascist.

      • There are still people who believe he was here in Abbottabad and an ‘operation’ took place there. Just look at their so called movies about this, trying to brainwash their own people let alone ours.

      • I can tell you Pakistan defense force policy. Eye ball everyone who pays taxes to run them but leave it to Government when can’t have the power to do at their own. Think about how army has paid back to Person who Help them to make Nuclear bomb and Missile. they made him to cry in front of a General ( Kargil Bhogra) who left Pakistan on stretcher and start to dance in UAE.

  • Great paf has variety of experience due to fight against terror.Modi will be taught a lesson that he will not forget if he starts war.

    • I am praying that day when Modi will be taught a lesson. Seems there is one identity who is on take to respond. Man fight is out there. Don’t Forget Pakistan Air force was wiped out in East Pakistan on very first day of war.

  • There is no truth when Pakistan forces say they are ready to fight against any agression.
    There is no truth either when we start with sentence, “Both countries have brotherly relationship.” Please visit Kuwait to find out how Kuwati treat Pakistani. May be dogs gets better treatment.
    We are living in fallacy since long in
    believing that Army readiness for any agression. Kindly see the Map of Pakistan of 1947 and now compare who much land is lost. So please think logically. Don’t listen to Mantra.

    • bhai agar aap ko kuwait k baray mei kuch nahi pata to apna mun band rakhen
      mera baap kuwait mei hai aur bht achi job kar rahe hain kuwait air force mein pak air force se retire hone k baad and they are treated better than u

      • Nothing is hidden about the hate of Kuwaiti towards Pakistan labor class. I stand by my statment.

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