Rs. 6 Million of Taxpayers’ Money Is Being Spent On A Cultural Event In London

The expenses of the Sufi Cultural Festival being held in London have come to light and it shows that the money spent by Sindh Government on the festival is Rs. 9.6 million.

Out of the total money being spent, Rs. 6.2 million is paid by Pakistan’s taxpayers. The event is set to take place on 7th October, 2017.

After the news was uncovered, Sindh Government came under massive pressure as people in the press also took notice. Critics says that provincial government is not able to fulfil basic needs of the common people and is expending public money on cultural shows.

It is reported that Sindh Government will bear expenses for airfare, visa and compensation of artists. On the other hand, SAE will only spend their funds on hall booking, local transport, food banner, postal expenses.

Sufi Cultural Festival Details

During the festival, 9 artists will take part and perform in London. The artists include: Sanam Marvi, Sain Zhoor, Mai Dhai, Tufial Sanjrani, Dilbar Jala whereas others will depart tonight for the show. 5 officers are also hired to travel with the delegates.

Sectary of Cultural Tourism and Antique, Akber Laghari, held a meeting and talked about several things and also discussed the details of arrangements and expenses.

According to the meeting, here is the breakdown of the money being spent:

  • Artists Fee — Rs. 30,00,000
  • Air Fare — Rs. 28,00,000
  • Visa Fee — Rs. 4,00,000
  • Hall Booking — Rs. 8,40,000
  • Accommodation — Rs.14,00,000
  • Local transport — Rs.1,10,000
  • Lighting Sound Etc — Rs. 4,20,000
  • Postal Expense — Rs.90,000
  • Food — Rs. 2,80,000
  • Banners — Rs. 80,000
  • Singer  Rano Gadwani Fee — Rs. 80,000
  • Singer Sohani Abro Fee — Rs. 1,12,000
  • Sohani Abro Airticket — Rs. 18.000
  • Total Expense — Rs. 96,30,000

  • Wrong title…PKR 6 Mln??.
    Anyway such events are necessary for country’s image making in the world.

    • We already have very good image just because of our politicians… invest in education of people, things and image both will change

    • yeah right, no need to for clean water, clean food, basic requirements, the whole Sindh state is showing a picture of dirty gutter, no need to clean it up, just spend money to show the world how cultural we are!

      • Why to have huge army and invest in nuclear weapons when food is more important…?
        Dear every matter has its own priority we need to do everything in our resources.

          • You mean repute does not have importance…. especially when whole world takes Pakistan as a home for terrorists..
            Security issues can be solved with keeping good relations with neighbors. No country ever has achieved peace through armies.
            At the end, there should a balance in expenses, portions for food, security, health, education, culture etc…

  • who cares? 6 mln or 6 bln. the money is much more unsafe than nuclear weapons in Pakistan. Ironically world bank and imf never highlighted this.

  • When people of Thar were dying of malnutrition, Sindh govt was busy doing cultural show in mohenjo daro. They spend lavishly on urs of bhuttos every years. If only if they had spend some amount on Karachi garbage it would have become a clean city but they won’t. They showed Karachi population very less from actual so that they wont have to allocate lot of funds for Karachi.

  • The people are thirsty and industry goes to negativity due to electric shortage and Shah sb is holdong dance n music shows on public money….

  • It’s deemed necessary by the elected govt. of Sindh. Further, those who have an itch (read: issue), can always ditch the current rulers in next election. But guess what ? SIndh always elects bhutto (read:PPP) and Punjab elects PML-N. Atbest you can be a keyboard warrior..haha

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