Suzuki Bandit Heavy-bike Gets a Price Cut in Pakistan

Automobile giant, Suzuki, has slashed the price of its Bandit GSF650SA motorbike.

Suzuki Pakistan has introduced some high quality performance bikes in Pakistan during the past few years. These include the magnificent Hayabusa, 250cc Inazuma, Suzuki Intruder and the 650cc Bandit.

Even though these high-end models received the hype they deserved, but the number of units Suzuki was able to sell is still a mystery.

A few months ago, Suzuki cut the price of the Inazuma. Previously priced at 6.81 lacs, the Inazuma went down to 5.99 lacs after the price slash. The goal was to make the bike more affordable to the general public and increase sales.

Now, yet another price cut by Suzuki has caused the 4 – cylinder 650cc Bandit to come down to a price of Rs 1,450,000. This is noticeable reduction considering that the original price was Rs 1,550,000.

Currently, only 5 of these beasts are left standing, waiting to be sold. However, it must be pointed out that this decision by Suzuki apparently shows their desperation to sell off these remaining units.

Then again, anyone who is willing to buy a bike this expensive wouldn’t be sitting around waiting for a price cut.

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