This Family is Exploring Pakistan Together on a Single Motor Bike

This family has given us major tourism goals by traveling the northern areas together on a single motorcycle. They call themselves the ‘The ‘Road Leopards’.

Irfan Younas is professional photographer who lives in Lahore and maintains his private company of wedding photography. Being an extreme fan of traveling, he decided to go to northern areas of Pakistan along with his family

However, what makes the Road Leopards so different from the usual tourists is that they decided to have this journey on a motor bike.  Irfan along with his wife and two children travelled the northern areas with him on a motorbike. This is a very brave decision for a husband and a father because travelling northern areas on a motorcycle isn’t an easy job and with four people on one motorbike makes it more difficult.

The Road Leopards recently completed their second journey visiting places like Deosai plains and national park, Ali Malik Top, Naran Khagan Valley and other parts of the northern areas of Pakistan. The couple believes in living their life to the fullest and despite all the problems they faced on this trip, they seemed to have loved the experience to bits.

They started their journey on September 22nd and ended it on 2nd October and we hope to see more families having fun as summer is just about to end. But make sure you stay safe and don’t do anything which might risk your life.

Stay in touch with the Road Leopards on their Facebook page!

  • seems pictures exaggerated, means no one move with open hairs on bike like this woman and the children. i think they guy took other family on a car while he was on the bike and some other people are taking their pictures. because bike par bunda boooth bun jata hai woh bhi nothern areas mein ja kar.

  • 4 members on one bike. Great example. There goes the safety out of the window. No knee caps(guards), no helmets. We may belong to third world, but we should be responsible for our lives.

  • They have Team With Them while they were travelling, And his son was sitting on team member bike all the time, also team member was making pictures and drone footage, This article came on express, Parhlo and one other site forget the name.

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