Shaheen Air Might be Forced to Stop Flight Operations Soon

Shaheen Air International (SAI) seems to be in hot water after Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) froze its accounts and ordered the airline to stop its operations due to non-payment of taxes and duties.

Sources in FBR informed that SAI has not paid Federal Excise Duty for the last 2 months, their net payable amount has reached Rs. 700 million. FBR said that they have sent several notices but the airline did not respond.

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“SAI gave no response of the notices. They neither replied in writing nor did they pay the duties.” the source told.

After the legal notice’s duration ran out, FBR froze an account of SAI and withdrew Rs. 22 million.

FBR also wrote a letter to Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) to stop SAI’s operations as the airline is not able to follow the law of the land.

A spokesperson from SAI, Zohaib Hassan, denied the reports of action taken by the FBR against SAI. He told ProPakistani that the airline is paying taxes on time and no tax or duty is pending. However, he confirmed that the FBR wrote a letter to CAA.

“FBR has written a letter to CAA to stop the flight operations but they withdrew the letter afterwards.” Zohaib Hassan told.

SAI, the local carrier from Pakistan, is constantly in trouble. The airline has faced difficulties and disputes with CAA, SIB and now FBR.

  • Good Quick Action By FBR : Isi Tarha Sub K Account Seald Kar K Paise Lo Na :
    Pehly Prime Minister, President, MNA, MPA, Government Corrupt Officers (Current Or Ex Both)
    Then Industry & Private Organization Pe Attack Karo Sub Se Fine K Sath Recovery Karo :
    Tab Ja K Sub TAX Waqt Par Denge :

    • In the end Abdul WAHAB k B account seal kr k un k paise recover kr k unkO de dna chye jaHan ye km krty h Q k unka kaam km R yaHan useless cOmments zyda krty h..

  • we cant take this line suggested by Abdul Wahab. In this way nobody will ever be caught in the net. We can’t give each other example to deny our responsibilities towards State and Government. It has to start from some where. How do you think Army can fight or control the borders if we don’t pay taxes. Look at the roads and Bridges and low cost of living in Pakistan. There is challenge and we must not find excuses to ward off the path to growth.

  • It’s a shame it had to come to this. My experience with Shaheen Airline was always positive. Hope Shaheen clears their dues.

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