Abandoned Cart Messenger is a Plugin to Help You Increase Sales

Do you own an online store? If so you will be familiar with customers that leave their shopping carts without checking out.

This may not sound that big of a problem at first, but up to 80% of customers that add products to their cart can leave your site without checking out.

What this means is that a large number of people that visit your site leave without buying anything at all. The issue can be anything from site-related issues to poor connectivity, anything that distracts your customers can lead to lower revenues.

Fortunately there is an easy solution to this problem. The Abandoned Cart Messenger will help you bring back those customers.

What is it? And What Does it Do?

Abandoned Cart Messenger is a WooCommerce extension which attaches to your WooCommerce powered online store. This extension lets you, the store owner, re-target your audience through Facebook Messenger.

If a customer leaves his or her cart behind on your store, you can get in touch with them again through Facebook Messenger, using the Abandoned Cart Messenger extension.

Why Do You Need it?

This extension will not only let you contact potential lost customers, it lets you do it without relying on emails. Most people ignore emails from online store which are unrelated to their orders. This makes them counter-productive.

Facebook Messenger is rapidly gaining popularity as a business communication tool. Not only is it easily-accessible, the Messenger is a public-favourite.

Using the Abandoned Cart Messenger, you can send personalized messages to your customers, targeting their specific needs and products.

Its easy to use and fully customizable user interface ensures that it takes less than 5 minutes to get up and running.

How to Buy

You can purchase this tool for $34 at Envato.

Abandoned Cart Messenger is quality checked by Envato and promises future updates by the developers.

In addition you also get 6 months of support from protech_studio.

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