Jubilee Life Insurance Launches “Hum Insurance Nibahtay Hain” Campaign

Many people balk at the prospect of taking out life insurance plans for themselves, usually for the wrong reasons.

The youngsters think that life insurance plans only need to be taken when they approach old age. Many people think that going for life insurance is a cumbersome process.

In both of the above-mentioned cases, people lose out on the main thing – opting for a life insurance policy is not only advantageous from an early age, it is also easy and quick enough to apply for one.

And the most important thing? It helps you and your family immensely during trying times.

To combat this misconception and ensure that more people realize the difference that life insurance policy can make for themselves and their families, Jubilee Life Insurance, the largest life insurance company in the private sector of Pakistan, have rolled out a comprehensive campaign.

‘Hum insurance nibhatay hain’

‘Hum insurance nibhatay hain’ is the company’s newest campaign. As the name of the campaign implies, Jubilee Life Insurance aims to reassure its audience that it will be there for you in times of need.

Through its series of TVCs, Jubilee Life Insurance aims to inform potential and existing clients that getting their claims filed and processed is not a hassle at all.

Contrary to how insurance companies are traditionally portrayed in the media, Jubilee Life has undertaken it upon itself to dispel all negative connotations associated with opting for a life insurance policy. Through its ‘Hum insurance nibhatay hain’ campaign, the company intends to communicate its three core benefits to everyone:

  • Easy claim process
  • Partial withdrawal facility for maximum flexibility.
  • Cashless hospitalization

Jubilee Life Insurance offers these features to both new and existing customers.

Why Go with Jubilee Life Insurance

The company, which has been operating in Pakistan for over 21 years, aims to make its life insurance products more viable and appealing to the average Pakistani.

People generally believe that life insurance policies are not for them, unbeknownst to them how a little change can spare them from earth-shattering developments no matter where or when tragedy strikes.

Given the prevailing attitudes and general lack of awareness about how a life insurance policy can become a financially prudent decision, Jubilee Life Insurance has taken it upon themselves to better educate the masses and promote life insurance as a viable lifestyle choice for all.

No matter if you are 25 or even 45 years of age, the best decision that you can take to safeguard yourself and your loved ones against financial burden, is by opting for a solid, dependable and easy-to-apply-for life insurance plan. Gone is the cumbersome claim process that required you to file documents upon documents and wait for a long time before getting a response from service providers.

Check out Jubilee Life Insurance today.

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