FIA to Take Action Against Pakistani Beggars in Foreign Countries

Stern measures are being taken against Pakistani beggars in foreign countries, especially the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, by the Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) as per the order of the Interior Minister Ahsan Iqbal, in order to safeguard the country from having a bad reputation.

Apart from this, the Interior Minister reviewed the performance of the FIA along with a host of other orders.

According to the reports, people from Pakistan are taken to Makkah and Madinah with a promise to provide them with jobs. Upon reaching there, they appoint them as beggars. Since there is no other alternative for them to fulfil their basic need, they have no other choice but to choose this field.

Excluding them, there are people out there who specifically travel abroad just to beg.

FIA was further directed to take necessary measures with every aspect regarding extremism, anarchy, and disorder via social media.

FIA needs to play an effective role against cybercrime as some anti-state forces are creating anarchy through social media, he said.

Removal of “black sheeps” within the ranks of FIA was strictly ordered, showing no tolerance for corruption in law enforcement agencies. He said that the FIA needs to restart with a stronger foundation on modern lines.

Latest technology must be used to curb crime. The FIA Academy should be rebuilt and must be made a model-training institute,” he said, and also suggested adding the “friendly country neighbors” to be a part of the training programs.

Furthermore, his orders included taking effective measures on the control of human trafficking. “Human trafficking damages a country’s goodwill,” he added.

Lastly, he directed the FIA officials to maintain a pleasant behavior towards passengers at the airport. Better perks and privileges would be awarded to the ones excelling in their tasks to motivate the officers, as per the directions of the interior minister.

  • What about Elite beggars?. Those who use jets and fly to countries to beg in the name of country and fill their own pockets?
    Those elite beggars must be curb down to kill poverty and improve nation’s moral. Otherwise our people will become parasite and lose their right to live as a honorable Nation.

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