Shahbaz Maqsood Khan Resigns from Jazz

Shahbaz Maqsood Khan, Director Brands and Communications at Jazz has moved on to newer avenues, we have confirmed.

Sources at Jazz told ProPakistani that Shahbaz has resigned from his position but didn’t share details on his replacement.

During his two-and-a-half-year stay at Jazz, the company overturned its slide into becoming the market leader in terms of sales and subscriber growth.

Shahbaz is considered as key guy behind the re-emergence of Jazz as an umbrella brand to different verticals and setting the course for its digital ambition.

He also led the way to the Jazz’s collaboration with Lahore Qalandars that ultimately resulted into world’s largest cricket talent hunt initiative called Jazz Rising Stars.

The award-winning initiative has changed the fate of aspiring cricketers who are bringing fame to the country.

Not to mention, Shahbaz oversaw the brands during the merger between Jazz and Warid and its ongoing transition. And then the launch of VEON, a global platform that is changing digital lifestyles of Pakistanis.

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  • lol, “resigns”, the new word for terminated.

    three senior marketing executives terminated, one of them being Shahbaz

  • Propakistani will loose its reputation if it continues to publish paid articles. Whole industry is aware of Mr. Shahbaz’s reputation and that he was terminated for fraud. Stop glorifying criminals.

  • Lol. Atta ji, i guess time for you # le le tissue.

    you are only turning down your repute **** #Paid journalism

    should post facts rather than paid posts.

  • What’s up with all these fake comments? Publicity stunt? Posting comments without account shouldn’t be available anymore.

  • Maybe he has enough of stupidity? People all around world laugh at pakistani operator’s strategies. Is there more foolish in world to launch whats app like app in today’s time? Pakistani operators have tried to launch own facebook, own uber, own youtube and now height of foolishness, own WhatsApp. This is height of incompetence. This is what happens when you hire only sifarshi tattu. Let them spend millions on Ads for Von. They might find few hundred fools across country to download it (other than the fools who work there).

  • oye tum log koi aqal ko haath maro. no one resigns abruptly. people are terminated abruptly. the whole world knows that he and Riaz Gillani were under investigation for the last one year. Shahbaz aur uss kay chalis chor Ask anyone in the media industry and you will know the kind of thief he is. aur phir hai bhi nukamma. He overspent his budget by 6 million dollars on the Veon launch. 6 million dollars.
    Iss ko tou jail mein hona chahiye. I don’t understand why companies allow such people to just leave #noissueleylaytissue

  • The man behind the emergence of Jazz is Aamir and NOBODY else….Lets not fool ourselves. Good luck to Shahbaz, I think he enjoyed well in Jazz with PSL and other things going on……Kazim in action is all I have to say here….Soon Asif will be replaced too!

  • So if shahbaz and his team is a bunch of thieves why were they not taken to the court? there is nothing against him in HR records and he resigned like a normal employee….all these rumours need to be justified with some sort of evidence…if he is a thief….prove it or just keep your mouth shut…this was not his first job and he has worked in bigger multi-nationals such as Unilever and Telenor etc. and there has never been a case of dishonesty or corruption against him…however there has been some minor items which the forensic team had picked at Mobilink which he couldn’t justify…such slipups happen if you are on a big position….it is obvious that he had enemies who were jealous of him because of their own corruption and also his age/position and stealing the limelight.
    At the same time, I totally stand with the fact that corruption is not acceptable and should be condemned and dealt with an iron fist but has he been proven guilty??? the answer is a big No.
    We have our prime minister who has been declared guilty by SC and yet he is still caterwauling that he is innocent…and here people are after a guy on which nothing has been proven and he had to lose his job for some petty issue.

  • so Mr. Qabootar….you are saying that he overspent the budget by 6 million dollars…he may have underspent from 10 million dollars to 6? who knows…its just your words against mine…bring the proof on the table before spreading disinformation…i also work in a multinational and to be honest $6 million or PKR 60 crores for marketing is not much for a pan Pakistan launch of a company like Veon.

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