Sony’s A7R III Mirrorless Camera Refines a Winning Formula

Sony took its fans by surprise when it announced the launch of Sony A7R III which may prove to be the best mirrorless camera by the company yet.

According to Sony, the camera is expected to start shipping out in November with a hefty price tag of $3,200.

A7R III Features

The camera has several features similar to A9 – Sony’s recent professional mirrorless camera.

Features offered by the camera include:

  • A 42.4-megapixel sensor
  • It shoots 10 frames per second that are not followed by a blackout
  • Autofocus tracking with a robust autofocus
  • The number of autofocus points used for phase detection are 399
  • It has 425 contrast AF points
  • The camera’s response to situations with low levels of light is two times as fast as the A7R II
  • The camera uses 5-axis image stabilization to cancel the effect of camera shake
  • It has an updated version of the BIONZ X processor causing a 1.8 times increase in speed.
  • With a battery of higher capacity, the camera should have a longer shooting time.
  • It is inclusive of the AF joystick that comes with A9

A7R III: A Threat To Other Brands

The camera with its ability to capture high quality moving images should be a good reason to make brands like Canon and Nikon sweat.

The A7R III also poses competition to the Mark IV with its lower price. The only thing the 5D Mark IV has better is the resolution of the LCD-touch screen.

A7R III, on the other hand, offers a faster sensor with a higher resolution along with the features which are only offered by mirrorless cameras. The most appealing feature offered is perhaps its ability to shoot silently and take snaps without image blackout. At the moment, Sony has no competitor that matches it in terms of photography experience.

Via TheVerge

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