Easypaisa Discontinues its Virtual Debit Card Service

Easypaisa has discontinued its flagship Virtual Debit Card service, we have checked.


The service worked on the same principle as any debit card does. However, since those cards could be used online (for shopping etc.), consumers also used to call them as virtual credit cards as well.

You can read more about Easypaisa Virtual debit cards here.

Subul Naqvi, from Telenor Bank’s Corporate Communications division, confirmed the development and said that the bank has decided to pull back the service for now.

While she didn’t confirm the reason behind its suspension, however, she mentioned that the service will be back online soon.

She said that all Virtual debit card service users were informed about the decision.

“Easypaisa App users who had generated or were using their Virtual Debit Card were inform that the service would no longer work if they used their card online”, Subul told ProPakistani.


As to why the service was suspended, our sources confirmed that State Bank of Pakistan asked Telenor Bank to shut down the service as Microfinance banks are not allowed to offer online payments, particularly virtual debit card services.

State Bank believes that such services could be abused. One example of such abuse was that there were instances when customers reportedly bought postpaid cellular services online with the virtual cards and then deactivated (read deleted) the cards just before they were about to get billed.

Easypaisa allowed customers to create as many cards as they wanted with a limit of two active cards at any given time. This meant that customers could create card, use it and then delete it an unlimited number of times.

You can imagine how an online service that verifies the card (by charging USD 1 at the time of sign-up), and only billing the right amount after a monthly cycle could be prone to abuse, especially if a virtual credit card used for the same purpose is deleted before the billing time.

Easypaisa’s Virtual Debit Card service was popular. It came as a sigh of relief for many Pakistanis who wanted a quick and easy way to do online shopping, as well as online and offline transactions for many mainstream services (such as Careem, Uber, etc).

Tech and telecom reporter with over 15 years of experience, he works as founder of ProPakistani.PK


  • The abusing was the main reason. I had seen many people in Facebook groups who were providing the free Facebook boost via Easypaisa virtual credit card, and also being used for other illegal things. Perhaps it’s the main reason Paypal is not coming to Pakistan.

    We, Pakistani, abuse everything that comes to Pakistan. The best example Google Adsense being sold at a cheaper rate after approving again and again.

    • Few people ruined this great service for everybody.

      Perks of being a Pakistani, I guess.

      Want to purchase some stuff from AliExpress on Black Friday, but I’m a bit hesitant to expose the debit card information of my primary bank account that has my life savings so was looking into making a virtual burner VISA card but…


      Are there any other services which facilitate virtual VISA cards?

  • Ek behtareen service thi jis ki wajah se easypaisa account open kiya tha , kuch logon ka kiya sab ko bhugatna parhta hai. Not fair

  • I was using this card since when it was launched. I was in relief bcz deposit money in easypaisa acc is very hasslefree as compared to normal banks and it worked on every website. I hope they will relaunch it.

  • really sad, I hadn’t used this service but this was a very good service. I agree abusing was the main reason I have seen people abusing it for many things.

  • yaar bohat zabardast service thi bohat bar ali express say online shopping ki but ab pata nhi kab yeh service reopen hogi . ubl waloon ny tu itna tang kya kya irada hi change krdia wiz card bananay ka ab tu koi option hi nhi hy yahaan yeh bohat masla hay har achi service ka itna mis use kro k service hi band hojaye very very sad

      • Saturday night ko registration form fill kiya tha let’s see k kitna time lagta hai, easypaisa virtual card mein to 20 seconds lage thhe

      • yr fazool ha mcb lite. ak do branches ma wo deposit accept krty hain or uthr bhi kabhi link down ho jate ha. kabhi banda nahe hota. complain krwao tb bhi kuch nahe krty. both zalil kia mcb lite na

    • HBL Debit Card, UBL Debit card, UBL Wiz Card, MCB Debit Card, MCB Lite Card, Jazz Cash Visa Card, Meezan Bank Debit card… All these work online.

      • bhai meezan ka account hy meray pass but online shopping kliye helpline say enable krana parta hy but easypaisa vertual card best tha

        • MCBLite, UBL Wiz Internet aur HBL Visa Debit card nahi kernay partay active.. mai ne use ker ke dekhain hain

        • meezan bank debit card is no longer required phone activation for online usage, all meezan visa debit cards are now visa 3d secure enabled

      • Jazz cash visa debit card is only for shopping in Pakistan, you can’t pay netflix with jazz cash visa debit card.

      • Jazz Cash sirf local sites pe deta ha online shopping. International Sites pe nhi deta like FB and Alibaba

    • UBL netbaking se Virtual Debit MasterCard create ho jata hai 10 minutes me, set your own limit. No verification as account holders already are verified

  • Telenor bank didn’t inform properly. They deactivated service then informed the customers. Or the service was deactivated after few hours of notification same day. My refund is pending from AliExpress, what will happen to that.

  • Unlimited cards wali baat hi ghalt is mai thi. ager payoneer ki traah krte tu is ko shut down na krte or na missuse hota.
    Kaam ki chhez thi. booht se kaam mumkin or easy ho gaye they

    • “Unlimited cards wali baat hi ghalt is mai thi.”

      That is your opinion. It is very useful for purchases where you do not want your credit/debig card details stolen. Banks offer this, google for “one time credit card number”

  • Frauds worth millions of rupees committed because you can generate a card and cancel at any time. Facebook was the main victim where ppl boosted posts worth thousands of dollars just by confirming a card on sign up and spoofed the system as a credit card facility. When bill was due they cancel the card at zero cost. Such a disgrace to Pakistan in the eyes of Facebook. Same happened with Netflix trial IDs. Pakistanis took wrong advantage of a good service.

    • Same question to you, how is this specific to Easypaisa and not with any type of debit or credit card? Secondly it’s a debit card offering by Easypaisa which means funds will be deducted upfront, later on scenario is same as for any debit or credit card, let’s close all debit and credit cards in Pakistan, why do we love to bash our own country and people based on generalisation and limited knowledge? Such posts by propakistani triggers such debates by people having limited or no knowledge on the subject. Half truth is always dangerous.

      • Oh you do not understand anything. Article clearly said postpaid services. This is what happens

        I register card with service (Facebook, Netflix, anything else)
        They charge $1 to check if card is active
        I delete the card
        One month later the service tries to charge me $10 or whatever it is and the transaction fails.

        It does not matter if type of card is debit or credit, if it is one-time it is one-time.

        Secondly, people are bashing Pakistani BECAUSE PAKISTANIS ARE DOING THIS FRAUD. Who should they bash instead, Nigerians? Italians?

        And when you say

        “Such posts by propakistani triggers such debates by people having limited or no knowledge on the subject. Half truth is always dangerous.”


        • This means this particular issue is related to Easypaisa virtual debit card? if i subscribe to any service and than close my card or bank relationship, can anyone stop me from doing it? is there any way for bank to know my linked services with card or for service to know current upto-date status of my card or account for that matter? what will netflix or any service for that matter will do if a user or users does this? they might block or blacklist me? by what credentials, name, email? do you even think nobody knows such scams or means of exploitation? or is it only “geniuses” like yourself who want to associate such issues with Pakistan as all the rest in the world are dumb.

          When telecos offer postpaid connection how do you think they curb such frauds? through security deposits, even after that they allow you certain limit on top of your security, what is it called? credit risk, do you know the meaning of risk? same way when these services are offered there are certain risks they undertake, this is one of those.

          and this brilliant scenario as you tried explaining you think this is only limited to Pakistan? the post is full of flaws suggesting how urgently and quickly it was written to bash someone.

          propakistani should consider hiring better people to defend its lame, mirch masala, half baked posts.

          • > This means this particular issue is related to Easypaisa virtual debit



            100% YES

            Some virtual credit card vendors are smart enough to allow recurring payments (the kind of postpaid that are used in these frauds) to still go through even if the virtual card number associated with them has expired or was removed. Easypaisa did not do this.

            Your comparison with Telco postpaid is so odd I don’t even know why you bring it up. Telco postpaid = you give security deposit in advance. Online internet postpaid services (like Netflix, Google Drive, website subscription, web hosting, anything that needs recurring CC payments) DO NOT ASK FOR DEPOSIT. They do NOT have the same way of dealing with risk of this kind. They can only discover problem when there is a failure (in ability to charge the user).

            And I am pretty sure because of the large number of such problems Easypaisa has had with failed payment attempts is why they have pulled this service.

            > and this brilliant scenario as you tried explaining you think this is only limited to Pakistan?

            Now you are claiming I said anything against Pakistan. FOOL. This happens worldwide. But THIS ARTICLE about THIS SERVICE in Pakistan is BLOCKED because of 100% PAKISTANI USERS. I don’t know who you should blame Easypaisa’s failure with if not Pakistani users who CAUSE them to shutter service. You’re so upset that name of Pakistan is sullied in the article, you forget it is PAKISTANI people who ruined service. Knowing how Pakistani people operate, other companies are less likely to invest in financial services here.

            Not due to unique case of Pakistan
            But due to how Pakistanis have DEMONSTRATED their maturity and honesty.

            • do you even know what i have written or you are the type who just want to argue for the sake of argument? read again or ask someone to read and interpret for you. I cannot use words like you have used as that only shows when arguments becomes weak, people like you resort to abuse. Similarly use of so many capital letters does not firm up your logic (if it has any such thing anywhere in your comment).

              such a pity to respond to such comments, purely waste of time and efforts. My response to your comment was not triggered just by mentioning Pakistan, it was purely due to the illogical and senseless reasoning you tried presenting.

              Get a life and some help if you can.

              • Dude don’t waste ur time. He mostly talks to himself bcoz nobody talks with him. I’m pretty sure that’s the case with him in real life as well. SS is known to be rude, filled with ego and a very big liar. He lies abt other people, do personal attacks, filthy liar and fictional writer. Just ignore him and his comments that is what almost everyone does here. Ignorance is truly bliss in this case obviously.

  • Sorry forgot about your comment on why PayPal is not coming, the above is the exact reason (read one of the reasons) why PayPal is not coming as people like yourself (self proclaimed tech bloggists) don’t understand basics or fundamentals of payments. Unfortunately this is also true for many people responsible for payments in various service providers in Pakistan which is making this product suffer.

    Haha I know first thing you will do is to trace the IP as that’s all you can think about ;)

    • Maybe you should go read the propakistani article on this card service when it was launched. it clearly states:

      >>> You can create unlimited number of cards (maximum two at a time) with different expiry dates and spending limits <<>> You can delete any card within 2 seconds <<<

      Why does this feature exist? So you can create a card, make an online purchase, delete the card, and be 100% safe that your card number cannot be stolen and later misused by someone who hacks into online site. You will not wake up one day to find Rs 30,000 charge on your card from some small cafe in Argentina.

      One time card numbers is a FAMOUS feature available for years and years by banks in Europe.

      • care to elaborate your comment? what you described is product property and value proposition, what is wrong with it? do not associate this with the same risk i have already explained is inherent with any card type regardless if it’s offered by Easypaisa or any other bank or service. there are countless ways of exploiting ATM’s, does that stop ATM’s from being used? known risks with limited exposure is how risk and compliance works both in financial institution and regulator while approving such products, few risks with limited exposure cannot over weigh the complete value proposition. if this is how you think, consider keeping money under the pillow instead of depositing in bank as that will expose you to countless risks.

        • I don’t even know why your comment is directed at me, I do not work for Easypaisa and I have no idea of their risk calculations.

          All I know is, activities by Pakistani users using their Virtual Card service has caused a headache for them and they have shuttered the service for now.

          That is all. That is a fact. Deal with it.

          • good escape, the comment is directed towards you because you came up with genius arguments supporting a flawed blog. and if you do not work for Easypaisa how can you judge and comment on real situation, if service was discontinued or if its a temporary suspension.

            and i do not have to deal with such illogical facts from pseudo intellectuals like yourself, learn to comment on things you have grip on instead of showing fake intellect to pretend something you are not.

  • This is nothing new. ProPakistani is the epitome of yellow journalism where they write half baked not researched articles by copying pasting and then changing its words to generate clicks.

  • میرا کارڈ تو ابھی بھی کام کر رہا ہے
    چیک کرنے کے لیے نیٹ فلیکس جوائن کیا… ہو گیا

    • I had subscribed for Netflix now I m addicted to netflix, how can I watch Netflix, is there any other easy way, if somebody want to share Netflix with me tell me I m ready to pay half

      • I will subscribe if you are ready to pay half but don’t know it will work on 2 devices at the same time or not.

        • It works on two devices with standard package, it’s legal I m ready to pay half but you will have to subscribe because I don’t have debit card

  • saleem sahab obviously ur employee..if service is not shut by state bank or fraud than clarify y this service is down.. propakistani approached ur company for detail but no reason for shut down shud contact journalist.. provide correct picture with reason for shut down. many other blogs also written on this topic & gave same or even more reason but u r just targeting propakistani. why??

    pointraiser(dot)com published with same fraud reason before propakistan on 29 oct

    • Sir I’m not an employee, I only responded as propakistani articles are vaguely written but targeted to tarnish reputation of Services especially if they are related to telenor, won’t go in detail how this can be easily substantiated based on historical evidences from similar type of articles in past.

      Regarding this particular issue, the service for sure seems down but nowhere it says it’s down permanently, I won’t speculate on the reasons unless I have confirm news or even if I give opinion on various possible reasons I will at least do my homework well, what I do know is about regulations in detail, I know extensively well Financial industry, payments and relevant events and happenings which is why I challenged the weak content and wrongly justified conclusions. It seems whatever the reason is unless explicitly mentioned by company the service will come back.

      Propakistani specifically when it relates to Financial industry, payments or mobile banking resort to copy paste articles (which is safe) but whenever they try and mention their opinion on matters relating to Financial industry they just come up with articles like this one, weak, biased, targeted.

  • its an per paid debit card … how that can be abused , well it a very very bad news for me
    guess i have to go to old f**king methods like active the session and w8 for couple of hours to active and then use the Dam thing
    policies like this are hold us back

  • yar mujhay easypasia merchant account chaiay hai for final year project koi help kary please, bohat try kia hai par woh nai day rahay hain ?

  • This is lame. The billings work on pre billing the cahrges for the services that will be ordered. Merchants have become savvy. If you use the virtual card with careem, and pull off before the charges are hit, you will have to pay the charges before you can use careem again. There is no way users can abuse. State bank should allow telenor to do this. This product was such a sigh of relief for a common man. State bank should see the convenience it brought. Plus it followed branchless limits which are so minimal.

  • This card was like a lifeguard to me. I do online purchasing and used this card for all my need. Punch of a fuck to those bastards who miss used this service. This is the main reason why paypal is not coming to Pakistan. Because of these criminal minded CHINDI CHOR ULLU K PATHY type of people. I wish if every good service should be banned in Pakistan, no visa no mastercard nothing, this is what we truly deserve.

  • Wow, discontinuing a service because of third-party abuse? Bank of America also offers virtual cards that have the potential of being abused. Yet most online retailers that accept “postpaid” payments have a system in place that can detect virtual and prepaid cards. Bank of America does not go on to shut down its services.

  • lol govt and state bank is not serious to bring paypal in Pakistan and they are enjoying internet taxes and attractive salaries i am sure minister of commerce and IT are not familiar with internet too. they cant even operate any device

  • A.O.A All.

    Mjhe Ali Express se Online Shopping Karni h or mere pas HBL Debit Visa Card h par Ali Express pe HBL Visa se payment nai ho parhi h.. Koi Bata Skta h kun?? :/

  • The fault is on telenor side for allowing their systems to be abused. First of all, EasyPaisa data is verified from NADRA in real time, so one cannot default or scam and run away so easily. Secondly, allowing a virtual card to be deleted before expiry was a real fault of easy one does that..

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