FBR Seizes Rahat Fateh Ali Khan’s Bank Accounts

Federal Bureau of Revenue (FBR) has seized the bank accounts of renowned singer Rahat Fatah Ali Khan after he allegedly failed to pay his due taxes. FBR identified a confidential transaction that was linked to the Pakistani singer’s accounts. As a result, a tax amount of Rs. 3,348,000 was imposed on him.

As per FBR, the accounts were seized after Rahat failed to comply with the orders of paying Rs. 3 million in taxes in 2015.

Amount Recovered

According to the FBR, a total of Rs. 105,000 has been recovered while efforts are being made to recover the remaining amount. Meanwhile, all known bank accounts of the singer have been seized.

Not His First Time

In 2011, Rahat Fateh Ali Khan was detained for carrying an undeclared amount of $124,000 at New Delhi Airport. The money was seized afterwards by the Indian authorities and the singer was later released.

Others Involved

A few days ago, FBR confiscated accounts of actress and morning show host Noor for failing to pay her taxes. Noor’s accounts were frozen for not paying Rs. 1.4 million in taxes for the year 2015. FBR recovered around 1.5 million from her accounts.

FBR also announced that accounts of famous model Mehreen Syed have been frozen and Rs. 1 million was recovered.

The board further declared to seize properties of actress Saba Qamar to recover any remaining tax amount.

Via GeoNews

  • Majority of Pakistanis are tax chor be it politicians, army, artists, businessmen. No wonder the govt doesn’t have sufficient revenue for budget, loan repayments, etc. Western countries are well run because most of their citizens pay 30-40% in income taxes. So they have the money to spend on welfare and new development projects. Time to expand the tax net to feudals also if pakistan doesnt want to default in future.

    • I am paying more then 45% TAX on my income. What i am getting in return? Nothing. How can be a Non-Taxpayer will start paying TAX when he knows all that situation.

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