Shaheen Air Starts Flights to Three New International Destinations

Good news for frequent travelers!

Starting from 30th October, the Shaheen Air International (SAI) airline has incorporated new flight routes and destinations – the routes being Faisalabad to Sharjah and Lahore to Medina.

This Tuesday, officials announced that the airline will start their new routes to new destinations including Medina, Sharjah, and Jeddah. The new routes will connect Karachi, Lahore, and Faisalabad to the new destinations.

The flight between Sharjah and Faisalabad, flight number NL798-799 was the first flight on this route. The flight to Medina from Lahore carries the flight number NL703-704. Both of these flights successfully reached their destinations on October 30.

The new routes will begin starting mid-November.

  • Karachi to Medina flights will start November 16, they will have flight numbers NL707-708.
  • Karachi to Sharjah will be operational from November 17, the flight numbers are NL684-685.
  • Faisalabad to Jeddah will commence November 18, the flight numbers will be NL773-774.

SAI Increasing its Portfolio

The Chief Marketing Officer of the Shaheen Air International, Zohaib Hassan said,

Shaheen Air International is continuously working on increasing its portfolio from every city in the country so that our people can have the comfort of flying anywhere in the world. Our continuous growth has been achieved against all odds and is a testament to our commitment to the local aviation industry and its passengers.

Before the inauguration of these new flights, Shaheen Air incorporated several improvements – they bought a fleet of 6 new Airbus A319s. The airline is also expected to buy more this year to improve its portfolio even further.

  • A319 isn’t a good plane for international flights. its better for domestic 1 hour sort of journeys.

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