Say Your Prayers or Go to Jail: Karachi Court Hands Out Unusual Punishment

“You have to see it to believe it”—or more like ‘read it to believe it’

We were taken by surprise when we saw a US judge hand over unique punishments, this time a judge in Karachi also came up with a quirky punishment of his own. This isn’t your normal community services session, no sir.

This might seem a bit bizarre to you, a man in Karachi has been ordered to offer prayers in congregation for three consecutive years. A judge in Karachi handed a unique punishment to Muhammad Yousaf when he was found guilty of carrying unauthorized weapons.

The Decision

Judge Haleem Ahmed of local session court Karachi put his peculiar stamp on the sentencing. Muhammad Yousaf will have to offer prayers 5 times a day in the local mosque of his community.

Imam Mosque will see if the culprit is up to the task or not. Another official of the court has been appointed to collect reports from the Imam on daily basis.

The case was brought to court in 2014 when Muhammad Yousaf was caught with illegal weapons. He confessed to this crime after three years and he has finely been handed a punishment.

Don’t Miss a Prayer!

As per the ruling, if the guy misses even a single prayer, he will have to face jail time of seven years along with a Rs. 50,000 fine.

This isn’t the first time that judges have come up with ideas out of the box. A guy in Punjab was asked to clean the streets of his city when he was found guilty of doing drugs.

In another rather unique case, a citizen of Karachi was ordered to preach traffic regulations to the public when he confessed to hitting a traffic warden.

Via: Samaa, BBC Urdu

  • NAMAZ Is Mandatory, Compulsory for Muslim No One Allowed to Leave NAMAZ in Any situation (Except Biggest Majbori)
    Please Don’t Mix ISLAM & Daily Route-en Case’s

  • Prayers are his religious responsibility. He has to offer them at all costs. He cant be exonerated of his crime by making him fulfill his personal responsibility – that he had to discharge anyway even while in prison. This is not a service to Islam. Its an insult.
    He was given an easy pass. Damn yo decision makers, you are now using religious elements to hide your obvious connivance with crony lawyers.
    Is the judge trying to say that offering prayers is a punishment (naozbillah)? After all, he gave it as a punishment to a convict of illegal arms which are instruments of violence only.
    Are those who offer their prayers, convicted of one thing or another? Obviously no. Stretching crime and mixing it with religion is a monstrosity. It gives ample opportunity to atheist inbred skunks (one commented already below) for furthering their putrid agenda/propaganda.

    • Offering prayers in congregation is not farz but its highly recommended for men. The judge nowhere mentioned that praying would be punishment, rather he took away his option/ease to not offer prayer in congregation as a punishment. which is fine.
      I believe ppl may have different opinions and its all fine. So in my opinion it was a nice out of box punishment. Regarding if it gives ppl an opportunity to malign Islam then even if u don’t give an opportunity such ppl would do the same. u can’t stop ppl….

  • Namaz is compulsory for every Muslim..And This is a good point and give him a chance to correct his mistake.. there is nothing wrong with Judge order.

  • Just wondering if judge Haleem Ahmed has performed salah 5 times a day in a mosque for three consecutive years in his life ever

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