‘Idea Croron Ka’ Returns For Season 2

Pakistan’s 1st business reality show; Idea Croron Ka has returned for the 2nd season with startups and investors.

The start of an all new season has shook up things this time. Owing to a large number of startup applications, the auditions in Lahore were conducted on 2 different days. Following which, auditions for those living out of city were conducted through Skype.

Moreover, Idea Croron Ka partnered with Careem to run a campaign named ‘Idea on Wheels’ where investors including Monis Rahman, Founder Rozee.pk, Naeem Zamindar, ex-CEO Acumen Pakistan and Chairman, Pakistan Board of Investment, Abdul Rehman Talat, CEO at BlueEast and Marketing and Sales Director at Orient and the driving force behind Idea Croron Ka; Nabeel A. Qadeer auditioned startups inside a Careem Car while roaming around the city.

This season started off with a bang.

The first episode featured the first investment of the season. While Daastan, a literary forum working for the revival of literature in Pakistan went home with an investment of Rs. 25 lac from Mr. Naeem Zamindar, other startups fought for investment too but couldn’t raise any.

This episode also introduced a new format where 2 startups having similar ideas fought with each other to qualify to pitch in front of the investors. These startups were DawatKada and Tehwar.pk out of which latter was selected by Dr. Umar Saif, Expert Business Adviser on the show, to pitch in front of investors.

ICK has a classy new set this season. It has also introduced regular investors including Rabeel Warraich, founder of Sarmayacar and Monis Rahman, this season. The first episode also featured Salim Ghauri, CEO Netsol, as well.

According to Nabeel A. Qadeer,

“You’ll see some new local and international investors on the show. Startup pitches will be more refined and a diverse range of tech and non tech startup ideas will be featured.

This time around we, with the help and support of NEO and CMACED, has experimented with a lot of new stuff.”

Watch an all new season of Idea Croron Ka every Saturday at 7:05 pm on NEO TV Network. If you missed out on the 1st episode, here’s the link to it:

Idea Croron Ka | Season 2 | Auditions

Idea Croron Ka | Season 2 | Episode 1

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