13 Year Old Pakistani Becomes the World’s Youngest Google Certified Associate Android Developer

Meet Muhammad Rayyan Siddiqui, the youngest Android developer in the world today. He has been recognized by Google as the youngest Android Associate Developer recently.

Rayyan recently passed his Associate Android Developer Certification Exam at just 13 years of age. That age is actually the minimum required age limit for the exam in question and Rayyan passed it in flying colors.

For those who don’t know, Associate Android Developer Certification essentially demonstrates that you are capable application developer that can competently design entry-level apps for Google’s mobile platform. Its the first (but necessary) step towards mastering Android app development.

While speaking to ProPakistani, Rayyan mentioned that he received an email from Google, apprising him of the good news. He further added that the company will be sending him an official badge and certification in this regard as well.

Is He The Youngest Ever Android Developer Certified by Google?

Rayyan’s feat is nothing sort of impressive, especially in this age where you hear of child prodigies breaking records at a very young age. He wanted to know for sure if he really did qualify for the youngest ever title for the certification that he got.

The minimum required age limit for the exam in question is 13 years of age

He told ProPakistani that he emailed the Certification team at Google directly about this, and this is what their reply was:

“It’s very likely that you (Rayyan) will be the youngest ADD (Associate Android Developer) Alumni, as we have not been notified of any other ADD Alumni under 18.”

With hard work and dedication, Muhammad Rayyan has indeed made his folks and fellow Pakistanis proud today. We look forward to seeing what he will accomplish next, now that he has taken the first step towards becoming a mobile app developer for the world’s most popular mobile platform.

  • The AAD is a great way to show your level of expertise in Android Development. It’s particularly helpful if you have little or no working experience and want to prove yourself in an interview.

    Congrats Rayyan you are now good enough to appear for an interview

  • The minimum age requirement for this exam is 13 otherwise there would have been younger kids passing this exam.

  • The certification is merely focused on theoretical rather than practical concepts. Following today’s trend than the level of experience is much more important than the level of in-depth knowledge of any particular tech stack! This is what I have observed so far…

  • It’s sad. These poor kids are pushed so hard academically. Just let them have a normal child hood.

  • Well I don’t think so a 13 year old guy can have this. I can register my younger brother and pass his test because buttons on keyboard don’t have finger scanners in it.

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