Here’s How Twitter Laughed Over Akmal’s “Not Dead” Tweet

Umar Akmal is a word synonymous with drama, isn’t it?

Well, he simply does not know how to keep himself away from the news, or he wants to stay in the news, who knows?

The fake news regarding Umar Akmal’s death went viral recently and the clarification by the right-handed batsman gave people cancer.

“I am very much alive. The news of my death is fake. You will see that I am alive when I play in the National T20 Cup semi-final”, he said in a tweet.

You will see that I am alive when I play in the National T20 Cup semi-final … I’m out of words.

Nonetheless, here’s what Twitter is up-to regarding Akmal’s not-dead message.


Is he?

Oh yes, you have now seen him alive.

Someone wants him to retire real bad.

zinda laash?

He is never away, is he?

Inner Mark Twain.

Don’t worry, he’s more than just remarkable.

This time it wasn’t up to him to be in the news, but he made sure that he made people talk about his clarification message.

Can he make his way back to the team or not? Share your views in the comments section.

Feature Writer

  • Abdullah Safdar

    Maybe he tweeted from the tomb..?

  • Flaming gonads of Arthur

    He is dead for sure. His brother is taking his place. RIP :(

  • Akmal Borther’s Can Use Brother’s Twitter Account :)