Twitter Celebrates Sindh Culture Day

Pakistan is a country rich in traditional values. The abundance of cultural norms and diversity is what makes Pakistan special.

Pakistan celebrates Sindh Culture Day every year on the first Sunday of December and this year was no different; from literary to political organizations, political and religious, and governmental organizations celebrated the Sindh Culture Day on Sunday, December 03, 2017.

Also known as ‘Aekta jo ddihaarro’, the Cultural Day highlights the ever-green cultural values of the province. Let’s have a look at how Twitter reacted to the cultural-fest.

Sindh, the beautiful.

Much-needed break after the Faizabad Dharna.

Pakistan is beautiful because of the cultural diversity.

The land of ancient civilizations.


Sindhis are known for their hospitality.

Benazir Bhutto was the true Ambassador for Sindhi culture.

Sindhis; lovely people.

Sindh definitely has a rich heritage.

Selfies and dance won’t do.

As colourful as it gets.

Nothing matches the Ajrak.

From commoners to National Assembly Members, everyone celebrated the day with traditional fervour.

Sindh’s embroidery is spectacular.

This is pretty special.

Sindh is the land of iconic poets and spirituality.

We hope that Sindh remains to be the hub of traditional norms and cultural heritage.

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