Hackers Steal Millions in ATM Card Skimming in Major Cities in Pakistan

Many reports of ATM hacking have been received across the country after hundreds of users complained about unauthorized withdrawal activities from their bank accounts and blockage of their ATM cards.

The Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) immediately took the notice of the complaints – and it has started an investigation against the culprits that are behind this horrendous campaign.

According to the sources, more than 1 crore rupees of around 600 customers have been lost until now.

An FIA official told the media that “an ATM installed at Khayaban-e-Ittihad (Karachi) has been cited as the target of the attack.”

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Several other hacking cases have been reported in the country. The reports of thievery have been received from Dolmen Mall, Karachi and busy places of Islamabad.

Reportedly, HBL responded to the complaints quickly by immediately blocking the ATM cards of users who had reported the unusual activities.

HBL Chief Marketing Officer, Naveed Asghar, confirmed news of the cyber attack and revealed that the bank has received 579 such cases where the users of 10 ATM facilities across the country were impacted.

We are investigating it and will reimburse those who have lost their money. All machines (ATMs) have been rechecked to make sure that the bug is removed … we are giving assurances to our customers that there is nothing to panic and worry about.

“We have also blocked the affected cards,” he added.

On the other hand, spokesperson of State Bank of Pakistan, Abid Qamar, told the media that they are also taking necessary measures to resolve the issue and are in constant contact with HBL.

He added,

We may precisely comment on it [relevant information from the bank] after receiving it which may arrive at the end of the ongoing holidays.

The affair is in the news after many ATM users had complained about their cards’ misuse and blockage. A customer who lost Rs. 20,000 in a similar thievery said,

I lost cash at the hands of criminals. By the time, my bank sprang into action and blocked the card, it was too late.

Previously, the investigation authorities had also caught several Pakistani and Chinese nationals from Lahore and Karachi that were involved in an ATM-related thievery.

The government had recently inaugurated cybercrime laws to cope with the increasing cyber offenses. The critics suggest that the government needs to improve the cybersecurity and make a proper plan to tackle such cyber crimes.

Via Tribune

  • There should be a security guard and it guy present on atm sites 24/7 to monitor and expose culprit on the spot.

  • This will happen when you have an open entry no visa policy for the Chinese.

    It’s attracting Chinese cyber criminals into the country.

    They are skimming the cards here and taking out the cash in places like Beijing and Shanghai.

  • Such issues won’t be possible to get rid of, until the compulsion of static IP address is implemented in Pakistan!
    They don’t even need to bug the ATMs, they’d just get the credentials of the user from internet’s black carding market and then rewrite them over a blank card and they’d be good to go!

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