China Urges Pakistanis to Boost Their Businesses Via Shanghai Economic Free Zone

China has urged Pakistani entrepreneurs to benefit from the Shanghai Pilot Free Trade Zone (SHFTZ) aimed at opening up new economic opportunities and explore new markets for their products.

Briefing a group of Pakistani newsmen Director General Bureau of External Communications of SHFTZ, Wang Ying, said that it was an important part of the China’s One Belt, One Road project. He said it would have numerous advantages for Pakistan and would not only boost their bilateral economic relations, but also provide an opportunity to the Pakistani businessmen to introduce their products and expand their ventures outside of their borders.

The journalists were on a short-term training program at the Renmin University, Beijing, organized by the Chinese embassy at Islamabad and aimed at enhancing mutual understanding and exchange between Chinese and Pakistani media.

The economic zone, established in 2013, is spread over in an area more than 120 km along the golden coast of the East China Sea. It has registered 23,243 companies, 14,860 of them newly registered and 2,342 foreign-funded.

Wang Ying said that 16 countries from the Central and Eastern Europe have their presence and pointed that special facilities were being extended to foreign investors, other than a one-window operation to cut down business costs and time.

He said that the strong bonds between Pakistan and China can be translated into stronger economic ties with the availability of a modern Free Trade Zone. He said that Pakistani businessmen can boost their trade by utilizing the facilities available and enhance their portfolio.

He urged the Pakistani media to highlight the opportunities for Pakistani entrepreneurs who would like to increase their reach beyond the borders. He said the zone has been specially designed for the countries which are part of the One Belt, One Road initiative.

        • Gawadar kidher ja raha hai? China jo maharbani kar raha hai, osse os ka relief deya gaya hai, its a business deal. whats wrong with it?

          • Nothing Wrong : But Majority Main Logo Ka Kehna hai K China Pakistan K Her Infrastructure Pe Qabza Karega :
            Aur Aisa Ho Bhi Raha hai Wo Wahi Invest Kar Raha Jo Based Hai Pakistan Ka :
            Let’s See : Hope for the Best For Pak & People

            • Majority? kya aap jin dooston k sath shaam ki chai peetay hain wo majority?
              q k, abhi tak to koi ayssa survey hova hi nahi jo aap ki baat sabit kar sakey.
              baqi rah gaye baat infrastructure pe qabsey ki to ye koi bachon ka khel nahi, wo wahin invest kare ga jahan os ka mafaad hoga.

            • Konsa infrastructure bhai? Konsa base Pakistan ka? Yahan pe tha hi kiya jispe qabza karay ga? China khud pasay laga k bana raha hai aur khud use bhi karay ga.. pata nahi konsi majority ki baat kar rahay ho.

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