Byco Shows Off Its Unique Mooring Points for Oil Tanker Shipments

Byco – an energy company and an oil retailer – organized an event where journalists were able to visit and see the company’s one of a kind Single-Point Mooring (SPM).

An SPM is an offshore floating device which acts as a mooring spot and is used for loading or unloading fuel onto interconnected tankers. In shallow water SPMs are used to load and unload crude oil and refined products from inshore and offshore oilfields or refineries. These SPMs are capable of docking ships of all sizes.

Byco assures that the mooring point is extremely safe for the environment and thanks to its 25-meter depth, it is able to let large ships and tankers deliver fuel. Large vessels, such as super tankers, are used for oil deliveries by Byco.

Due to this aspect, the company has been on top of its game and were able to deliver the largest crude-oil shipment this year. They made a national record of handling crude oil weighing over 102,000 metric tons using the single mooring point.

Byco recently imported 5,000,000 metric tons of crude oil which will then be sent through Byco’s underwater pipelines to HUB refinery for processing. The pipelines are over 10km long.

A second refinery was inaugurated back in August this year – the ORC- 2 – and with the capacity to produce 120,000 units a day, it is the largest refinery in Pakistan. Byco’s total production output per day is 155,000 units.

Currently, Byco produces Light and Heavy Naptha, Kerosene, High Octane Blending Component, Motor Gasoline, Furnace Oil, High Speed Diesel, and various petroleum products refined from crude oil.

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