This is How Breathtakingly Beautiful Islamabad Looks from a Drone

If you ever wanted to recommend Islamabad as the tourist definition to your friends from other cities, there’s no time like the present.

Sure the city has got lush green terrain, majestic hills, a smattering of urban and rural dwellings, famous landmarks, well-organized roads and parks. But that description alone doesn’t do it justice.

Islamabadians often struggle to explain what the city has in droves and why it certainly deserves its status as Pakistan’s capital city. If you found yourself in such a position, a new video will put to rest all arguments and cement Islamabad’s status as a happening tourist spot for anyone.

The video, expertly and cinematically shot entirely from a drone, captures the various shades of Islamabad.

But why explain it all when you can just prepare to be mesmerized by the beauty and variety of Islamabad? You might want to grab some popcorns for this.

Impressive right? You have to admire the stellar production quality, the top-notch editing and overall a near-perfect portrayal of the wonder that is Islamabad.

Its orderly, its culturally happening and vibrant, with a lot of natural landmarks and tourist spots to visit. It might not be out of place to say that by accurately capturing Islamabad’s splendour, you might want to consider visiting it in the near future.

Picture and Video Credits – AF Event Management Films

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