Media Professionals Are the Most Vacation Deprived [Survey]

Expedia, an online resource for book cheap flights and hotels for your vacations, took a survey recently about which professionals tend to get the least days off. About 66% of the respondents, who belonged to the media and marketing sectors, said that they’re vacation deprived because they cannot afford a holiday or get out of work.

Expedia conducted an online study from September 4 to September 15, 2017, and surveyed 15,081 respondents across 30 countries.

The Vacation Deprivation Report 2017 by Expedia disclosed that professionals in the government and education sectors were found to be the least vacation deprived. In comparison, professionals from the media and marketing sectors were said to be the most vacation deprived.

According to the survey, the percentage of people who said that “they don’t have enough holidays” in their profession are listed as below:

  • Media and Marketing Sector Professionals: 66%
  • Food and Beverage Sector: 62%
  • Agriculture: 56%
  • Transportation and Travel: 56%
  • Business and Consulting: 55%
  • Finance and Legal: 55%

Furthermore, the study also surveyed those professionals who “have not taken a holiday in the last six months.” The percentage of such professionals are as follows:

  • Government: 55%
  • Health: 40%
  • Transportation and Travel: 39%
  • Real Estate: 37%
  • Business and Consulting: 36%
  • Manufacturing and Technology: 34%

More Findings

Some professionals (35%) associated with agriculture, media, marketing, retail and education, and food and beverage revealed that they’re vacation deprived primarily because they “cannot afford to take a holiday.”

Meanwhile, 28% of the professionals associated with the Finance and legal departments said that they’re vacation deprived because they “cannot get time off from work.”

It is also evident from the survey that, the government, contrary to common belief, is the most caring and generous employer all over the globe for the middle-grade workers (and not just in Pakistan).

However, for the best and the brightest talent, the private sector offers a promising career.

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Regarding jobs, the major concern in Pakistan is the income and working hours’ difference between the top and bottom tier employees in the private sector which deprives the employees when it comes to availing holidays.

Via Expedia

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