Qatar Needs 100,000 Pakistani Workers for FIFA 2022 World Cup

Ambassador of Qatar to Islamabad, Saqar Bin Mubarik, said his country would require more than 0.1 million Pakistani workers for development and construction work for the FIFA Football World Cup 2022, which will be be held in Qatar.

Government of Qatar desires that the maximum workforce required in this regard should come from Pakistan, said the Ambassador in a meeting with the Executive Director National Vocational and Technical Training Commission (NAVTTC) Zulfiqar Ahmad Cheema.

The meeting was held with the aim to enhance cooperation in the field of Technical and Vocational training between Pakistan and Qatar. The Executive Director of NAVTTC briefed the Ambassador of Qatar regarding progress of TVET sector in Pakistan.

He said that the focus of the government in recent years has been on improving quality of training in TVET Sector of Pakistan.

The Executive Director further said that the standards of technical education have been brought on par with the international standards and Pakistan’s skilled workforce can cater to the needs of any country.

Ambassador of Qatar appreciated efforts by Pakistan for transforming the skill development sector of the country on modern lines.

While praising Pakistani skilled workers, he further added that labor force from Pakistan is hard working and has played a pivotal role in completion of many development projects in Qatar in the past. We will continue our cooperation with NAVTTC, looking for an opportunity of continuous provision of skilled manpower from Pakistan to Qatar.

In the end Zulfiqar Ahmad Cheema thanked the Ambassador and assured him that Pakistan will continue its efforts to provide skilled workforce for all the required sectors in Qatar.

  • Previously for a decade they have limited Pak visa and even banned, after the siege by Saudi regime they now remember Pak cheap labor to be exploited with minimum wage and slave conditions. no thanks

    Qatar like all arab states have deep hatred for all asian workers sweating their blood in desert are treated like lesser human and expoited due to poverty back home. If PAk gov has any dignity left before exporting slave labour need to negotiate a minimum wage of 1500 dhs or equivalent in qatari currency with food, transport and housing with AC as extra. otherwise they can use their own youth as workers and pay them 18,000 dhs to sit in AC and sip sulamani chai

  • 1,200 workers have died from heat exhaustion since 2010 working on the construction of FIFA stadiums (Total counted as of Sep 29 2017). The International Trades Union Confederation (ITUC) estimates a total of 4,000 workers will be dead by 2022. What kind of deal is this???? Labor for death trade off???

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