Xiaomi and Oculus Launch the Affordable GO VR Headset

Oculus is spilling more details on the Go standalone VR headset that was first unveiled back in October. Not much was announced during that time, apart from the $199 price-tag. Most of the details were saved for the Consumer Electronic Show.

The headset was revealed by Facebook VR VP Hugo Barra, who previously worked as the VP of Xiaomi.

The VR headset comes courtesy of a new partnership between China’s Xiaomi and Facebook’s Oculus. Called the Oculus Go, this new headset fits neatly into the lower-end virtual reality headset market, unlike the $499 Rift that the Facebook-owned company also makes.

Powered by Snapdragon 821

Oculus Go runs on the Snapdragon 821 platform by Qualcomm, which is now an aging, but still respectable platform used by flagships such as the LG G6.

“Xiaomi is our hardware partner for launching Oculus Go globally. Oculus and Xiaomi are jointly announcing a new standalone VR product that is designed specifically for the Chinese market.” Facebook VP of VR Hugo Barra

The controller for the Go is similar to the one for the Gear VR, which should make development easier. Among the details previously announced, include 2560 x 1440 display with dual-lenses, as well as spatial audio which should provide a more immersive audio experience.

Xiaomi Mi VR Standalone

On the other hand, Xiaomi is also making its own standalone VR headset, called the Mi VR Standalone. However, this headset won’t be available anywhere outside China. It will be similar in terms of specs including using the similar Oculus Mobile SDK, however, the two will come with different interfaces.

Finally, the Oculus Go will be available for an alluring tag of $199, with the release date said to be somewhere in early 2018.

  • Good. Hopefully it come in Pakistan too. I am expecting price to be around 25k or 26k which is great considering the price of Oculus

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