These Coloring Books for Adults Will Help You Manage Stress

Stress management is an under-prioritized issue in Pakistan — and therapy is expensive. Too many days will pass with you feeling completely agitated with the burden of work and the demands of your career — and everything in between.

Contrary to what we’re told, it is natural to feel put out every once in a while. And it is important to harness these feelings is a positive and productive manner.

If you ever find yourself out of sorts in your professional and personal life, then you deserve to know about the benefits of an adult coloring book, and how relaxing they can make your daily routine.

Anti-Stress Color Therapy

Color therapy is a form of art. It allows you to escape the mundane qualities of life and to escape into a burst of colors, where you can use your imagination and bring to life the most profoundly vibrant of things.

This therapeutic exercise is recommended by all psychologists — not only to patients but to everyone else as well.

The reason why it works is that repeated strokes from color pencils into small nooks and crannies completely absorb the mind’s attention — and help radiate your creativity.

It is a means of personal expression that brings about mindfulness and eliminates anxiety. It helps you resolve emotional conflicts and understand yourself better.

The burst of self esteem that follows after completing a masterpiece of attractive colors is incomparable to anything else in the world. This is why researchers at John Hopkins University propose anti-stress color therapy as an alternative to yoga.

Indeed, color therapy involves focus practice — making it not altogether different from the physical activity.

But color therapy is not expensive at all — and you have room for experimentation. You can get free images online, print them and get coloring. You don’t need to use color pencils alone either. Glitter pens, markers, crayons — anything works as long as you’re having fun.

Here is a free sample for you to print and try out:

Added Bonus

And here are a couple of links to free downloadable Adult coloring books:

This mindful activity is a great way to escape your daily troubles — and best of all, you can make an entire scrapbook out of the pages you’ve colored in, or even tape them to your bedroom wall!

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