Unfit for Human Consumption: Tons of Spoilt Milk and Meat Raided in Rawalpindi

Assistant Commissioner Dr Faisal conducted raid in Rawat area of Rawalpindi and confiscated substandard meat and milk. The raids were done on the orders of Deputy Commissioner Rawalpindi to check the quality of food products going into the twin cities.

The Operation

Several transportation vehicles were monitored while they entered the city during a late night inspection. The trucks carrying adulterated milk and meat were stopped at Rawat T cross between 3 am to 6 pm.

The trucks were seized and regional health and food department carried out their tests. After the results came out it was concluded that most of them were carrying milk and meat of substandard quality.

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The results clearly showed a below par Likelihood Ratio (LR) value in most of the samples. The authorities took action on the spot and 2538 liters of milk were disposed off at the spot.

The authorities also confiscated around 200 kilograms of meat and sent it for further tests.

The trucks can be clearly seen carrying meat in unhygienic manner in the photos below.

Details About The Raid

As many as 13 trucks carrying milk and meat were stopped for inspection. 12 of which were carrying milk while one was delivering meat from Rawat to Kak Pul. Milk from 8 trucks was destroyed while 4 were released based on “OK” results. The truck carrying meat was issued a warning and meat was sent to lab for further tests.

Record sheet from health inspector

This isn’t the first time that food of substandard quality has been confiscated and destroyed. Previously, Punjab Food Authority inspected 300,000 liters of milk in a massive raid. PFA also destroyed 25,000 liters of milk in the same raid after it was found to be below approved standards.

  • While I admire the actions by PFA, some serious concerns are there:
    1. Names and faces of Inspectors should not be released publicly for the sake of their own security.
    2. Operation should be recorded and broadcasted via (un)official channels so others can see what is going on.
    3. Companies involved in such practices should be forced to get registered under PFA, and regular checks on their sites. Individuals should be barred from doing such businesses, unless they fall under the approved category.

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