Punjab University Burns as Student Bodies Clash

Two student groups, including Pakthun Baloch Students Union (PBSU) and Islami Jamiat Talaba (IJT), from Punjab University (PU) came face to face when the members of the former organization protested against their rival’s annual event called ‘Pioneer Festival’ early morning on Monday.

The protest grew violent as the PBSU members sabotaged IJT’s festival as reported by a local newspaper. The members of IJT later held a sit-in outside Vice-Chancellor Dr Zakaria Zakar’s office, however, it didn’t end well as the students from Jamiat burned a classroom and the Electrical Engineering Department. Not just this, the infuriated students also vandalized vehicles near the affected department.

The Twitterati have sprung into action, debating over the role of two groups, PU administration and Punjab Police who have a large number of men posted on the campus following the clashes.

The situation is pretty bad in PU.

Who is at fault here?

Let’s hope the situation clears out soon without any bloodshed.

Punjab government’s policies?

Racial prejudices need to be stopped if this is how it happened.

This may well be a valid reason.


Punjab government needs to bring things under control.

How can educated students beat fellow students like animals?

Such organizations need to be banned, once and for all.


It is high time to get rid of them.

Feature Writer

  • So “badmashi” of Jamiat is still a problem in Pakistan ?

    Their “ameers” never study but easily pass exams as faculty wants no panga with them, not surprised. Truth of their real character is so ugly.

  • shame on baigharats of IJT. IJT should be banned from universities by courts after this incident of beating other students. it’s simply not acceptable. IJT students should be booked under anti-terrorism laws.

  • the fate of extremist society of Pakistan down the drain, who need outside elements to break it up once again.

  • All student organizations needs to be banned like what was done in UET, FC college etc. Those people are goons and idiots. Jamiatiyas should be publicly hanged on the gates of the university.

  • send them all to jail and ban them from universities as an example for misguided spoiled street rats in universities.

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