Zainab Murder Case: Nation Demands Public Hanging of Culprit

The main suspect in Zainab murder case was arrested earlier in Kasur. The DNA samples of those living within 2 kilometres of Zainab’s house were tested, and one of those samples matched to those of the murderer. The murderer was identified as Imran Ali, who lives near the 7-year-old victim’s house and is also a relative.

The suspect later confessed his crimes and he is in Police custody.

The Twitterati, who had earlier demanded justice for Zainab, are now pushing the government to hang the murderer in public to set an example.

Everyone over the social media platform is on a mission to get the perpetrator executed publicly.

Let the murderers see how they will be treated if they get caught.

The animal must be hanged publicly, without any further delay.

It must inflict terror upon those murderers who’re roaming free after committing so many crimes.

Islam has a solution for everything, we just need to follow our religion.

Protect your children. Many more monsters are still breathing fresh air.

Justice, finally. Hopefully!

It is the voice of every Pakistani.

All such sexual predators must be hanged.

The Police needs to perform its duties properly.

It is the system that needs changing.

Let’s hope this is not the case. If it is, it is horrifying!

Should the culprit be punished publicly? Let us know what you think.

  • This shameful Shahbaz Sharif comes on TV last night to claim great things about catching a murderer , I want to simply ask / tell him that if his administration/polioce had done their work we wouldnt have to wait for death of 12 little angels and whole of Pakistan to wake up, the murderer should have been caught after the FIRST case and the 11 angels would still be living today.
    Shame on YOU – Shahabaz Sharif.

    • Mashal Khan killers are still roaming around, what should I say to the PTI lovers, SHAME?
      no, Yesterday in my city Peshawar a transgender was kidnaped / raped and the culprit is untouchable. #NayaPakistan ??

  • hanging is not enough for this beast… he abuse Zainab for 5 days then killed her, so let him face same pain and should cut his limbs one by one and let him bleed to death slowly…

  • The only way to curb this menace is to tame the media from vulgarity and introduce islamic laws. Many ppl who opposed taliban have now understood that giving strict public punishments is the only way to secure the society.

  • I think you first control your publicity machines how they are using nude ladies in every add and poster in their products and Secondly banned all nude website by Pemra and Thirdly easy marriage like islamic ways without Dowry to avoid these kind of incidents.
    After this if it happen you should do “Public Hanging of Culprit”.

  • latkao sb k samney… ye seculiar libral fascist ab bolein ge k ye insaani haqoooq ki khilaf warzi he

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