PCB Officials Summoned by FIA on Collusion Charges

Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) officials are in hot water as Federal Investigation Agency has summoned them on alleged collusion.

Board’s Logistics Department’s senior officials allegedly colluded with tour operators to hand them contract multiple times.


FIA officials say that certain PCB personnel took commission from tour operators in order to award them contractual rights.

Suspicions from FIA arose when same operators won the contract multiple times in the past few tours.

FIA decided to initiate the inquiry and Gohar Wattoo, FIA’s Investigation Officer, will be taking the lead in the case.


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An official from FIA said;

The FIA has summoned senior PCB logistics department officials Asad Mustafa and Maqsood Ahmad as well as the representative of New Prince Tour Operators this week to record their statements in this regard.

The summoning decision from FIA came after the agency received a complaint against PCB officials regarding the matter.

PCB hasn’t responded to the allegations or FIA’s decision so far.

One of the many

This is not the first case that FIA has initiated against the cricket board or its officials.

There are multiple cases going on against PCB by FIA. The agency started investigating certain PCB officials in 2016 on illegal and unauthorized appointments in the board.


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FIA also suspects illicit practices in construction of Islamabad Cricket Stadium as case has been initiated by the agency.

In the construction department, FIA is watching the board pretty closely as the investigation agency has already begun inquiry in to the construction of these four units:

  • Garhi Khuda Buksh Stadium in Larkana
  • Bio-mechanical laboratory in Gaddafi Stadium Lahore
  • Far End Pavilion in Gaddafi Stadium
  • Construction of cricket academy in Multan

Apart from construction cases, the agency is also investigating following PCB activities:

  • Renting a luxury car for an ex-PCB chairman
  • Illegal funds allocations to regional academies
  • Renting out shops outside Gadaffi stadium on low rates-significantly low from market rates.
  • Irregularity in handing out advertising rights

Certain officials have already appeared and recorded their statements however PCB is yet to make any statement about this new commission case.