Excessive Use of Frozen Meat Products is Dangerous for Health: PFA

Punjab Food Authority (PFA) has issued a public health notice warning against frozen foods.

The notice said:

Do you know that frozen meat, like kebab, nuggets, sausages, and meatballs, etc., being sold in the market, contains high-fat content, low protein content and Monosodium Glutamate?

The notice said that the excess of fatty content in frozen food leads to many serious problems, including heart diseases, high blood pressure, and diabetes, whereas, excessive use of Monosodium Glutamate (MSG) leads to health-related problems like neurotic diseases and is very harmful to pregnant women and children.

Other than that, these substances also include artificial preservatives, nitrates, and nitrites. Intake of these chemicals can lead to diseases like cancer.

Moreover, to preserve the frozen meat, it should be kept below freezing point all the time.

The notice said that “keeping the current electricity situation of Pakistan in mind, it is quite difficult to preserve the frozen food accordingly.”

According to the notice, failure in keeping frozen meat below 0° Celsius produces bacteria in it – which makes the meat inedible. If such meat is still consumed, it can cause food poisoning.

Therefore, the PFA has requested the general public to avoid consuming frozen meat products as much as possible. The notice added that the people should prefer eating home cooked fresh meat, vegetables, and pulses over the frozen meat.

The notice was issued under Punjab Food Authority Act 2011.

    • Same goes for it. It is even more dangerous . Fish exported from thialand Pangasius is also to cause respiratory problems due to bateria/spores/mould growing. So avoid. Buy fresh fish

    • Kindly note all of you, Monosodium Glutamate is dangerous for all living beings including humans, animals and other living things. Its in Ketchups, Chinese dishes, frozen foods, ajeeno moto, macronis, most of the fast food and their raw materials. This ingredient can over spread your body to a very extreme level, heart and brain disease. Thanking You

    • Don’t know about Sabroso but I find K&Ns as a very health-oriented company. They don’t use nitrites as preservatives and neither do they add MSG to their products.

  • Avoid frozen foods as much as possible.they are not healthy and cause various diseases besides more fat and chemicals.

  • You can buy fresh meat for complete month and freeze it and use it instead of buying frozen stuff as it has huge chemicals

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