Supreme Court Bans Sale of Four Milk Brands in Karachi

An Investigation Commission established by the Supreme Court of Pakistan has submitted its report after investigating over 50 pasteurized milk, tea whiteners and milk brands that are sold in Karachi.

Supreme Court’s Karachi Registry, while hearing the Suo Motu case on sale of sub-standard milk brands, banned the sale of sub-standard milk brands.

The affected brands include Day fresh, Nurpur Full Cream Milk and Skimilac Milk Power.

Supreme Court also ordered Tea Whitening Brands to clearly mention “This is not Milk” on the packing.

Headed by Mr. Mohamed Vawda, the commission made following observations:

Not Suitable For Human Consumption

  1. Day Fresh Whole Milk (pasteurized)
  2. Day Fresh UHT
  3. Skimilac Skimmed Milk Powder
  4. Nurpur Full Cream Milk

Suitable For Human Consumption But Not in Compliance with Pakistan Standards

  1. Dairy Morning Milk Powder
  2. Lacnor Full Cream Milk
  3. Almarai Milk (UHT)

Suitable for human consumption and compliant with Pakistan Standards

  1. Millac Instant Powder Milk
  2. NIDO Fortified Full Cream Powder
  3. Everyday Powder Tea Whitener
  4. Dairy Omung Dairy Drink
  5. Dairy Pure Dairy Drink
  6. Tarang Tea Whitener
  7. Tea Max Liquid Tea Whitener
  8. Everyday Tea Creamer
  9. Dostea Tea Mix
  10. Popular Today
  11. Olper’s Milk
  12. Good Milk Full Cream Milk
  13. Meadow Fresh Pure Milk Full Cream
  14. Milkpak Full Cream Milk
  15. Haleeb Full Cream Milk
  16. Meadow Fresh Calci Max Milk
  17. Pakola Pure Natural Milk
  18. Fine Life Full Cream Milk
  19. Emborg Full Cream Milk
  20. Pakola Ice Cream Flavoured Milk
  21. Meadow Fresh Strawberry Flavoured Milk
  22. Milker Zafran Flavoured Milk
  23. Milker Strawberry Flavoured Milk
  24. Lacnor Banana Flavoured Milk
  25. Yum Milk Chocolate Flavoured Milk
  26. Yum Milk Ice Cream Flavoured Milk
  27. Yum Milk Badam Flavoured Milk
  28. Yum Milk Strawberry Flavoured Milk
  29. Meadowfresh Chocolate Flavoured Milk
  30. Oolala Badam Flavoured Milk
  31. Day Fresh Banana Flavoured Milk
  32. Milo
  33. Pakola Kulfa Flavoured Milk
  34. Day Fresh Strawberry Flavoured Milk
  35. Day Fresh Chocolate Flavoured Milk
  36. Pakola Mango Flavoured Milk
  37. Pakola Rose Flavoured Milk
  38. Pakola Chocolate Flavoured Milk
  39. Pakola Zafran Flavoured Milk
  40. Pakola Strawberry Flavoured Milk
  41. Haleeb Banana Flavoured Milk
  42. Nesvita
  43. Lacnor low fat milk
  44. Meadowfresh low fat milk
  45. Olper’s Lite low fat milk
  46. Lacnor Skim Milk

Update: Nurpur UHT Milk, which was included in SC’s list of banned milk products, responded with a clarification over its social media page:

  • the people who made milk … just like a cow milk (refer to tv and whatsapp videos), i curious who guide them for the formula ? this is chemistry which needs knowledge of ingredients involved but here Who Cares, we will make money from them.

  • Olpers was the reason, that Ayesha Mumtaz got sacked.
    And here Olpers made it to the list..
    Kudons. you can’t trust anything these days

  • Nurpur was banned based on the lab report stated presence of microbes in UHT which is very unlikely in a sterile pack. Lab Competence is vital to implement strict checks. Industry loose its reputation for nothing. Responsibility & integrity are missing elements , not in the interest of Pakistan.

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