US Claims Pakistan is Working on New Types of Nuclear Weapons

Pakistan being one of the 9 nuclear powers of the world, is always a topic of discussion for other countries. Recently, USA has claimed that Pakistan is developing some new types of nuclear weapons.

Daniel Ray Coats, the Director of National Intelligence for the US has briefed a Congressional hearing on worldwide threats in which Pakistan was accused of producing new nuclear weapons, including short-range tactical weapons.

The hearing was organized by the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence  where the American Intelligence chief said that Pakistan is continuously developing nuclear weapons that can be launched in the form of sea-based cruise missiles, air-launched cruise missiles, and longer-range ballistic missiles

Pakistan's Nuclear Program


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America’s Concerns

America is concerned that these nuclear weapons will introduce new risks regarding escalation of dynamics and security in the region. While going through the rhetoric demand of ‘Do More’, Coats said that Pakistan is still supporting terrorist groups to keep the tensions between India and Pakistan on a higher note. According to Coats:

Militant groups supported by Islamabad will continue to take advantage of their safe haven in Pakistan to plan and conduct attacks in India and Afghanistan, including against US interests.

While speaking of the nuclear weapons concerns, Coats also warned that North Korea will be among the most volatile and confrontational weapons of mass destruction (WMD) threats to the US over the next year.

N.Korea's Nuclear Program

For the past two years, North Korea is conducting several ballistic missile tests including the Intercontinental Ballistic Missile (ICBM) program.

  • If US try to bully pakistan, Pakistan reserve right to deliver missile technology and nuclear consultation to both iran and north korea.

      • This time it can be “little more” than consultation. If you show a soft face in this hostile world you will get slapped. Pakistan Ababeel missile technology cannot be defended and can carry nuclear war head. If we give it to North Korea, it can steal the sleep of uncle Sam. They tell a lie that Pakistan sponsor terrorism. We are not Iraq on which war can be unleashed on a lie. We need to be prepared to throw atom bomb on india as well as on France and UK if NATO attack Pakistan. And revenge from Israel by giving atom bomb to Iran.

          • For your kind information even if they are giving us aid. We are providing them access to ports for their military support. What if Pakistan block US access to the port how longer will America be able to keep up in Afghanistan(landlock country with neighbors being Pakistan And Iran both having bad relations with US??lol

  • we are an independent nation…………what the hell is with US to monitor us……we can do whatever we need to safeguard our country……..long live Pakistan

  • Donald Trump has gone mad in love of India. They see India as a market and as a allies against China and Pakistan. How innocent US administration is when they call “them” terrorists, when they supported them against Russia they were love of US administration, at that time they weren’t terrorist.

    US is way below than normal levels of decency and civilization, they came out of era of black’s slavery but they are still most indecent country on the face of earth, only country which claims its interests spread across the globe which they think gives them right to do anything they like.

  • We are proud of our scientists, keep it up. Has US or any other country stopped researching and developing nukes? Why single out Pakistan? If US wants to protect its interests, which unfortunately coincide with Indian interests, we also want to protect ours. What’s wrong with that?

  • Pakistan is motherland and we love it but its people are bad. They are lowest quality people anywhere on earth. On other article the owner of this blog blocked comments because there was mention of one company name and any “real or truthful” comment might damage his blog and may affect the monthly he gets from that company? Iski rozee 3 4 companies kee TC per chal rahee hay? This is his level of “value” on which his professional life is based on? In process he holds truth or afraid of truth. Pakistanis do not understand what their individual action is doing at macro level. Pakistanis also do not know how big losers they are. There is no brand that is competitive and known in world. People curse the companies they work in. There is no merit. They also do not understand the progress is when you are creating it. If Japan make good cars and you drive them, it is Japanese progress not yours. Same goes for electricity, telecom and other areas. Now when there is no export they have no clue what went wrong in 60 years and still thinking to export more sugar or wheat.

    • Most comments against USA are “moderated” . . .every single one (except perhaps this one, to show that this is not so) that I have made has been censored.

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