Pakistani Passport Rated 4th Worst in the World in 2018 Rankings

A recent report from the Henley Passport Index shows that Pakistani passport is among the five worst for international traveling.

As per the index, Pakistan stands just above Afghanistan, Iran, and Syria.

The Henley Index is issued by a global citizenship and residence advisory firm Henley and Partners with its headquarters in Jersey.

Pakistani passport

The report was published recently in which the Pakistani passport was ranked at the One hundred and second (102nd) position from a total of 105 reviewed passports. However, Pakistani passport holders can still travel to thirty nations of the world, without having to apply for a visa as you can get an on-arrival visa for the said countries.


30 Countries That Pakistani Passport Holders Can Travel To Without A Visa

The Most Powerful Passports

Japan and Singapore stand at the top of this list with equivalent ratings. Both the Asian countries have superseded Germany which previously held the top position.

Just so that you know, Japanese and Singaporean passport holders can travel to over one hundred and eighty destinations throughout the world without applying for a visa. The German Passport, with its visa-free access to over one hundred and seventy-nine destinations, is in the second position now.

The index’s third position is shared by 7 countries including:

  1. South Korea
  2. France
  3. Denmark
  4. Finland
  5. Italy
  6. Sweden
  7. Spain

If you are a passport holder of one of the above-mentioned nations, you can travel to one hundred and seventy-eight destinations without the need for a visa.

The United Kingdom comes in at fourth in Henley’s Index.

The Latest Trends

According to the stats, Malaysia has improved a step further among Asian countries is ranked 11th. Malaysian passport holders can travel without a visa, to one hundred and sixty-nine destinations across the globe.

The Henley index shows American and Canadian passports ranked in the fifth place. These two countries have got a visa-free access to one hundred and seventy-six destinations.

The index shows that the United Arab Emirates stands at the 27th, with visa-free access to one hundred and forty destinations across the world.

Here’s the list of the five most powerful passports in the world:

Countries Visa-Free Access Countries
Japan & Singapore 180
Germany 179
Finland, Spain, South Korea, Denmark, France, Italy, Sweden 178
Norway, Australia, Luxembourg, Portugal, United Kingdom, Netherlands 177
Switzerland, United States, Canada, Ireland 176


  • This survey is mathematically biased. For example, some African countries allow visa-free access to Africans. According to these ratings, Pakistan’s passport is worse than Chad, Sierra Leone, Liberia, Niger, Ethiopia, Guinea-Bissau, Burundi, Malawi, Somalia, DRC, Tanzania. Most people can’t even afford to eat, let alone have passports, there. Thanks for the propaganda but no thanks. To all Pakistanis, be proud of your passport :)

    • Its actually based on the assessment, that how many countries gave you free access to their country or on arrival visa. The economical stable countries always get the visa and their Passport will be consider strong.

      You’re referring to Union based African countries, which is also a valid point to consider, but still if you consider that point Pakistan will rank close to those countries.

      No doubt, you/we have all rights to be proud on our nationality, after all that’s our “identity” but being proud does not change anything, so its better to change the “Politicians” who are responsible for our identity on the bottom side.

      • It´s the Pakistani people who are responsible. Our people complain about every single little thing and do nothing themselves.

        • That’s what I was saying…
          We need to change the Politicians, they represent our nation to the world forum.

          • Whenever something good is built or done somewhere in Pakistan, people normally just say what good does it do me, it´s not here. We need to fix that attitude first. Otherwise I don´t think we can straighten our politicians.

  • A U.S. based citizenship advisory firm ranking Pakistani passport HAHA , pretty much everything coming from there is under Trump’s influence, what makes anyone think it would be an unbiased and fair assessment.

    • yes InshALLAH once CPEC is at its peak our Economy will considered as top economy of world so dont trust this US ratting

      • I would agree with you, if our politicians make CPEC agreements and tax agreements not into their own favour but to Pakistan favour. Than you can say our economy will flourish otherwise i will pray to Allah sub khair kar de..ameen..we all love Pakistan.

  • is anyone else having this problem when i click on more posts+ it says no more posts to show

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