Virtual Driver Training Simulators Launched in Islamabad

After launching a robust e-Challan system in the capital, Islamabad Traffic Police has now introduced virtual driver training simulators for the citizens.

Traffic Police Islamabad Testing Virtual Driving Simulator

The Safe Driving Environment

Despite all the criticism, ITP is launching more and more such initiatives which involve training and awareness aspects for the public.


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This new program helps those who are reluctant in bringing their vehicles to the jam-packed roads and fast-moving highways. The driver has to face made up scenarios that resemble the real world driving conditions so that while being on the road, one knows how to handle the situation.

Real World Driving With Virtual Training

IG Islamabad Police, Sultan Azam Taimuri personally examined the newly installed simulators.

Sultan Azam Taimuri Testing the Driving Simulator

Up to 10 driving training simulators have been installed in Islamabad. It is expected that similar technology will also be installed in other parts of the country.