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OGRA Tests Confirm Petrol is Damaging Car Engines in Pakistan

Honda Atlas, in 2017, filed a complaint to Oil and Gas Regulatory Authority (OGRA) accusing oil companies of adulterated petrol that was affecting its cars’ engine. Honda told OGRA that oil manufacturing companies were adding manganese to increase the Research Octane Number (RON) to meet OGRA’s standards.

It seems now that Honda’s claims were valid as test reports conducted on oil samples have been made public. The reports show that oil importers and refineries are using chemicals to increase the “quality of petrol”.

Tests and the Report

The tests were carried out by OGRA and Hydrocarbon Development Institue of Pakistan (HDIP) which showed an excessive presence of chemicals in petrol.


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In the report, the content and amount of chemicals have been deemed harmful to vehicles and environment as well as human health. The reports further state that chemicals are being used by importers and oil companies to increase the RON value at a low cost.

The complaint was filed by Honda after the company halted the booking of the latest variant of Honda City. The company told that fuel was causing engine knocking and sensor failure in Honda Civic 1.5L Turbo.


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Hascol petroleum also supported Honda’s claims. The company told that many refineries were using harmful chemicals to increase RON value. However, the accused companies claimed that Hascol was trying to get a competitive advantage out of all this and the company itself uses the same methods as well.

OGRA and HDIP found the following chemicals after conducting tests on petrol samples with RON value of 90 and 92;

  • Manganese: 63.31 parts per million (ppm) to 315.5 ppm.
  • Iron: 6.2 to 35.1 ppm.
  • Manganese in imported petrol: 1.62 ppm.
  • Iron in imported petrol: 63.88 ppm.

The report shows that in order to increase RON number, companies were using MMT and Ferrocene. These chemicals cause the catalytic converter to choke after reacting with it. These metallic particles are also harmful very for the environment and human health.

  • Oil companies need to be sued for damaging environment in Pakistan. They should plant 10 lakh trees in every big city of Pakistan.

    • That’s it? is that enough for the damage they have already made?
      but I guess, this something is better than nothing.
      I wish some strict action should be taken against them.

  • These companies have damaged Pakistan’s environment, our cars, our health… they should be heavily fined and the amount used to improve our environment and also provide medical equipment to hospitals… Make an example of these people who think of they can get away with any such fraud and wrong activities just because its Pakistan..

  • Out of all the companies in the world only Hascol supported this who’s quality and fuel average is way way below the standard….Pitty

      • when u are a driver u know that when ur car in performing and when its under performing and I think I don’t need to tell you how to determine the fuel averages..

  • But what’s next? How OGRA ensure the quality? Will companies start producing quality fuel?

    Who would answer that!

    • Where do you plant trees in towns and cities, Roads and houses seem taken over every inch of land, what ever is left homeless people use it for sleep over during the night.night

  • Ok so the petrol in pakistan had proven unfit. Fine. We all know that since ages. What u havent mentioned that what action will ogra now take. Will someone work for a better fuel or is that it?

    • OGRA will take heavy money from these Oil Giants in bribery and will sleep again or will increase fuel prices. That’s the standard course of action in Pakistan, sadly.

  • This can not be considered a news. News would be if OGRA agrees to pursue this mal-practice which they will never as they may have “relations” with these companies and our Govt. offices may also have the same.

  • What ogra has been doing since its inception??….this is its work…Regulatory authority….salaries more than normal govt sector….Political Persons support their persons for jobs in such organizations….PIA, OGRA, NHA, Steel Mills..and so on

  • if we accept Honda complain then can we compare local vehicle manufacturer to Japan manufacturing,

    first of all if u look at any Honda model the Honda cars consumption is too high at per liter and thats why Honda sale value is low then Toyota local made, Honda is not emphaises on fuel consumption and rather than Japan any vehicles we import and its fuel consumption is too good and the Japanese vehicles also run on same RON Fuel we never find any complain like HONDA, Honda always misguide to Govt and Blackmail and 2nd thing is that the Price of Local Manufacturing and Japanese made different is too Much if we buy Local Honda and Toyota New cars the price are too too high and quality is very cheap instead of that Japan any cars and SUV is best and price are very cheap with good quality so should shame to local manufacturing and Ministeries that no any govt taking any strict action against local manufacturer selling in high price and also getting own on per vehicle 50’000 to 300’000 oh no its game with support of Pakistan Govt chief justice should take action serious and also got justification from Japan of cars manufacturing data and selling data including quality HSE data you will know that how govt and local manufacturer is enjoying and looting Pakistan nation.

    if Govt want to look local manufacturer real sell price then once open and increase year limit of Japand Made vehicles 3 years to 10 years cars and commercial can be 7 years i believe that Honda Toyota Suzuki will least his price un-believe able then these local manufacturer will crying what to do we have been stuck

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