Punjab Govt Bans Dancing at School Events Because It’s “Immoral”

Dancing at school events has been banned by Punjab government calling it immoral and against religious norms. Hence, schools forcing or encouraging students to participate in dances or any other ‘immoral activities’ will have to face strict action.

The government has already directed Deputy District Education Officers (DEOs) to ensure that all schools comply with the rule. School licenses will be revoked if found violating the rule, the notification read.

According to the notification, strict action will be taken against those who will not abide by the rule including school teachers and heads. The ban will be exercised across all government and private schools in Punjab province.


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Part of the notification reads;

During special occasions, such as competitions, parents’ day, teachers’ day and even orations there was a custom of students dancing on Pakistani and Indian songs, read a notification, adding that according to government rules, dancing has been banned regardless of the occasion.

Via Tribune

  • Educational institutions are to learn something and get a job. These are not for revealing your dancing skills. Do that in your wedding parties or may be become a backup dancer in movies.

  • I had strong wish to make permanent ban on dancing in School/College/University because It’s place of Education not a Club

    • oh you are an engineer! if you would have learnt how to dance , you probably would have had a high paying job! and you wouldn’t even have time to write this bullshit!

      • When you invest the time at right .The time will become your friend. And its will upto you how to lead the time …hahaha

      • So finally we find the real reason for lagging behind India and west and it was the Dance in our schools :D

        by the way I am Engineer too :)

  • Welcome back to Zia regime.

    It was just one of an extra-curricular game for littles souls.

  • Al Saudia is becoming Al New York!! while our Purestan is still well and truly on the abandoned path of ummah bros…. #Sigh

  • What the F*** !! School’s are place to learn which include things like ARTS ,Sciences , social sciences ,Humanities and Business. Dance is amongst one of these things and people find their passion in it so let them prosper!! Can’t these people spare some time from being a** h***s ! Stop imposing your ideologies on people!

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