Samsung to Unveil the Galaxy X and S10 at the Next CES & MWC

Samsung is among the smartphone industry leaders and has the largest market share in terms of smartphone sales in Q1 2018. Every year, the company is expected to launch an “innovative” smartphone to outsell its formidable opponents such as Apple.

Their recent flagship duo, the Galaxy S9, and S9+ are great devices but did not come with any significant visual changes or upgrades when compared to the Galaxy S8.

Rumors have already started emerging related to a possible “Galaxy S10”, S9 duo’s successor, which might get launched as early as January 2019 at CES according to reports.

Since the S9 duo, according to a Korean publisher, failed to generate “stellar” sales, Samsung needs to outshine its competitors by bringing something new to the table.

Codename “Beyond”

Galaxy S10 might be the company’s next big game-changer. Smartphones have significantly evolved in the past few years and features like on-screen fingerprint sensor, dual/triple cameras, and bezel-less displays have become available for the developers to use so we can expect Samsung’s upcoming flagship to come with the latest hardware and an innovative design.

Moreover, the Galaxy S10 will also mark the 10th anniversary of Samsung’s S series and just like in the case of Apple’s iPhone X, the company is expected to leave a “major bang” in the smartphone world.

An internal leak suggests that the company has already contacted Synaptics – the creator of the first practical iteration of an on-screen fingerprint sensor, and their upcoming flagship has been codenamed “Beyond”.


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Usually, internal hardware leaks much earlier after the developers run benchmarks using third-party applications such as Antutu or Geekbench. So if a device with this codename appears in one of these benchmark listings then it’s safe to say that its the Galaxy S10.

The company is also expected to launch a foldable device, called Galaxy X, this year around December. However, another news report from South Korea also suggests a possible February 2019 launch for the Galaxy X (during MWC) so take it with a pinch of salt.

Watch this space to get updated as soon as more information becomes available.

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  • I have had the worst experience with Samsung. Bought S8+ and somehow dust went inside the front camera lens which was visible on every selfie :P As it had been hardly 2 months top, I didn’t want my phone to get repaired. I wanted a new one as a replacement. Above all! Why did this even happen. They did not replace with the new one and I got it repaired. The flagship phone and these stupid problems! They make Android OS look bad!

    P.S. Apps crash too quite frequently. WT*

      • LOL! I am pretty sure about that it’s new. Got it from Samsung’s well known flagship store in Frankfurt. Well! It is what it is. No tech is 100% perfect, what annoys me is the support to the customer which they… well whatever! I will give a try to iPhone after WDDC event.

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