Huawei P20 Lite’s Premium Design Places it a Cut Above Others [Video Review]

Huawei, these past few days, has been getting pretty good at delivering good quality mid-range smartphones with an excellent build and timely updates.

Of course, part of the reason behind all this is the ever-increasing competition in Pakistan in the mid-range segment because of the many new companies that are currently available here, especially Chinese ones.

The end result of all this is that everyone tries their best at their level to stay relevant in the market and so far Huawei, being the oldest in the market, has been doing a pretty good job.

Today we have with us the Lite model of the latest P series smartphones, the P20 Lite. It boasts decent specifications and superior build quality in the mid-range segment at a competitive price. The P20 Lite carries on the same design pattern of its older brother, the P20 Pro and scales it down to a relatively cheaper package.


All Specs and Design of the Huawei P20 Lite Leaked [Video]

So, coming in at a price point of Rs. 35,999/-, is the latest Huawei P20 Lite actually worth it? We got our hands on one to find out exactly that!

Unboxing + Review [In Urdu]

Camera Samples

Huawei P20 Lite Camera Samples

  • Itna Kuch Likha Aur Video Banya :
    Just Do Line Likh Dete Better to Buy P20Lite
    Better to Buy Another Phone
    Better to Wait for Another Phone

  • Nahhh!!!
    Redmi note5 all the way??
    10 k cheaper and nearly better in all aspects that this

  • Terrible Review , Terrible video making…It’s a disaster, the guy is just an amateur when it comes to giving a good review,I mean just look at the photos he took from p20 lite he just murdered the review there are far better amd honest reviews of p20 lite on YouTube,don’t waste your time watching this video it sucks!

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