Lenovo Z5 Concept Sketch Has Nearly 100% Screen-to-body Ratio

Recently, Lenovo’s VP, Chang Cheng teased a smartphone with more than 95% screen-to-body ratio and a truly bezel-less display. The teaser images only showed one corner, which we posted earlier, and it showcased an impressive smartphone design with no notch or noticeable bezels.

Vivo has already unveiled a prototype, called Apex, which looks quite similar to Lenovo’s design. Now, the company aims to drive up the market even further and has unveiled a new design sketch of a phone named “Lenovo Z5”.

There’s no notch, or any ugly cutouts, the Z5 might have the highest ever screen-to-body ratio in a smartphone ever. Take a look for yourself,

Techniques to Minimize Bezels

Mr. Cheng said that the company is planning to introduce five new techniques to minimize bezel size and efficiently place the earphone, camera, and fingerprint scanner. Though the company has not disclosed what exactly the technologies are, we can expect the selfie camera to be housed in a tiny retractable module, just like the Vivo Apex, which slides out when the user switches to the front camera in the camera app.

For the earpiece, the Z5 might use bone-conduction audio just like the original Xiaomi Mi Mix, but the company has not revealed what exactly the “new technologies” are.

Fingerprint Scanner and Release Date

On-screen fingerprint scanners are becoming a thing and the Z5 is highly likely to have such a fingerprint scanner to compete with the upcoming flagships that will certainly have this technology. It is expected to launch by June this year, that’s when more info will become available.

You can take a look at Chang Cheng’s post on a Chinese social network, Weibo for yourself here.

  • The market is getting fiercely competitive for mobile designs. One thinks, how much further will they go, is there any more room left.
    The price wars, design battles, speed overtaking, graphics competition – all seem to be in a continuous struggle without any perfect destination.

    What’s next. Apple makes it, others catch it. Somehow or the other, everyone gets the technology – where will this end..?

  • Waiting for full glass phone without any case, glass which can have its own battery still slim and fold able :)

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