VIP and VVIPs Are Still Using the Old Islamabad Airport

The new Islamabad International Airport was inaugurated two weeks ago, however, VIPs and VVIPs are still using the Benzair Bhutto International Airport. The new airport still hasn’t established a smooth flow of operations and the ordeal of the general public doesn’t seem to be coming to an end.

However, it is obvious that the VIPs in Pakistan don’t go through what the rest of the population does. There is a premium VIP lounge for state guests established at the new airport as well. However, the ex and current government officials are still using the old airport for air transit.

The reason behind this is that Benazir Airport is closer to Islamabad so there are lesser “security concerns”. Another reason given by these VIPs is that the roads leading to the new airport haven’t been completed yet. Once security agencies give clearance and road network is fully established, the VIPs “might” use the new over-budget and grossly mismanaged airport for their travel.


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The Travellers

The ex-ousted-disqualified-for-life Prime Minister Nawaz Shareef and his daughter Maryam Nawaz, facing corruption charges in the NAB court, recently used the Benazir Bhutto Airport. Both of them traveled via a special plane to Lahore from the old airport. The Chief Minister of Punjab, on the other hand, used Nur Khan Airbase for his travel.

The former President of Pakistan Asif Ali Zardari also landed at the Benazir Airport just recently.

Via Dawn

  • This is a old news and announced well before inauguration of New ISB Airport., Nur Khan Airbase and Benazir Bhutto Airport are same places.

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