PEMRA Bans Dr. Amir Liaquat For 30 Days

Dr. Amir Liaquat, among the most controversial personalities of Pakistan, has been banned from appearing on Pakistani television, again, by the Pakistan Electronic Media Regulatory Authority (PEMRA) for 30 days.

The authority has already sent a notification to Dr. Amir, barring him from making another TV appearance within the aforementioned period. His shows, Ramzan Main Bol and Aisa Nahi Chalay Ga have been prohibited from getting coverage on national television.

The notification reads:

Dr. Aamir Liaquat took a video call from Gujrat, India, wherein the caller questioned about the Caliphate of Hazrat Ali, RA. The content was aired live, un-edited and without any delay.

While highlighting the anchor’s past activities, that mainly consisted of fake publicity via giving rise to controversies, the paras state that he also used immoral language which is highly unacceptable in the Muslim world. PEMRA says that he continuously causes “unwarranted drama” over the media, which hurts sentiments of Pakistan citizens, in order to boost ratings.

Dr. Amir Liaquat Hussain, questioned Dr. Zakir Naik, intentionally and unnecessarily maligned last Prophet Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him), through such words which any sensible Muslim, cannot even think about and the same cannot be even written here in this letter.

After giving rise to this situation, Dr. Amir left the scene on national television, “leaving the live platform for the guests Ulemas who exchanged quite harsh arguments referring to some conspiracy.”

This is not the first time Dr. Amir Liaquat is getting banned by PEMRA, his previous ban occurred because of his “hate speech” on media channels.

  • This issue was really exaggerated in misleading way aiming to lay down specific sectarian sect.

    • not only nation for our religion islam. such kind of neeam hakeems (Amir Liaqat tu neem hakeem hi nai bal k kahi aur b se pagal hi) are dangerous for every aspect of life.

  • he should be banned from life, what a stooge, he was trying to prove himself as the only Lover of Islam, though it failed miserably. Feel pity for people following him

  • Assalamualaikum Everyone…
    I think we should raise this on any official platform / “PEMRA” twitter page (share if you know any authentic links) to “BANNED” him for a lifetime to make good example for rest of the ppl those insulting public on different programs, representing Pakistani culture, Islamic programs on Media (even they don`t have any appropriate knowledge of Islam and many more).

    We should share our comments on official pages to “STOP” these kind of acts and to have good knowledgeable programs and shows for our public/next upcoming genrations.

    Each and every single Pakistani knows “Aamir Liaquat” character, language or behavior with public and his programs as well (mostly for “Ratings & to promote controversies which can unstable the current situation of Pakistan / between the other religious maslak)..

    Please avoid any unnecessary comments/feedback…

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