Filling Fuel to the Max Limit in Your Car Poses No Danger: PSO

Pakistan State Oil (PSO) has made it clear through a public statement that filling fuel tanks to full capacity poses no threat to bikers or car owners. The statement was issued in response to the viral messages on social media, especially WhatsApp, about the probability of explosion in case of full fuel tanks.

The controversial warning messages stated that filling tanks to the maximum may cause explosions in the tank and that we should leave some space for the ‘air’.

PSO full fuel tanks issue

PSO turned down the claims by stating that the company has issued no such warnings and asserted that “Filling your fuel tank to its full capacity poses no threat of any kind neither to the car nor to its passengers and is deemed completely safe and beneficial to the running of the car”.

Pakistan State Oil (PSO) has announced that filling fuel tank to its full capacity poses no threat of any kind to the…

Geplaatst door Pakistan State Oil op Zaterdag 19 mei 2018

The interesting thing, however, is that the same messages were circulated on the social media and PSO had denied the claims last year as well. ProPakistani covered the story last year, clarifying the issue.

Another motive behind these viral messages these years may be to stop people from filling their fuel tanks in a bid to earn extra margins. The petrol prices are set to increase starting from the 1st of June and the franchisers might be hoping to save their old stock and earn higher profits.

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  • petrol ignition temp is 232 degree which is nowhere near the hotness we can get from sun these days so its safe they are right

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