Leaked Renders Show the Gorgeous Galaxy Note 9

After the Galaxy S9 and S9 Plus, Samsung is all set to launch its upcoming flagship, the Galaxy Note 9 – Samsung’s stylus-equipped lineup that houses top-notch hardware and large screens. As it nears its launch date, more and more reports are emerging that hint towards its design and specification.

One of the reports says that just like the Galaxy S9 duo, that looks almost exactly the same as the Galaxy S8 lineup, the Note9 won’t have any major design changes as compared to its predecessor. Initially, a leaker posted images of Note 9’s screen protector that gives a good idea of what it will look like.

It is expected to have the same rectangular design, similar bezel sizes, and the same old curved display set up. Subsequently, some CAD-based renders appeared as well, that show that its rear will look almost exactly like the Note 8.

CAD Renders

If you were expecting a major design overhaul for the Note 9 this year, you might be disappointed as Samsung is sticking to the same build for its upcoming flagship in order to reduce costs. Probably because the company wants to launch it earlier than usual before Apple launches its flagship at least so that it can secure sales.

But as we covered before, Samsung already delayed the launch by two weeks to incorporate a last minute design change. Reportedly, Note 9’s glass thickness was reduced by almost a half millimeter. Its nothing major though, the Note 9 is slightly thicker than the Note 8, and its footprint is somewhat larger in comparison. Here’s a CAD render video,

In the renders, the fingerprint sensor is placed below the rear camera array – this is a much better spot than placing it besides the camera array as it’s difficult to reach and often interrupts the camera’s field of vision.

Samsung did the same with the S8, it launched an improved S9, and S9+, with almost the exact same design but with a different position for the fingerprint reader – i.e below the rear camera.

Even so, the tiny reader looks quite awkward below the horizontal, rectangular strip. Anyway, this does not mean that Note 9 won’t pack some cool features, it will come with improved hardware and better cameras. We expected Samsung to add an in-display fingerprint sensor in the Note9, however, reports suggest otherwise.

Surely, we will only know for sure after the flagship gets launched, these are just rumors and the end product might have significant differences.

Source: 91Mobiles

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