19 Year Old Bus Hostess Shot Dead for Refusing Marriage Proposal

In a tragic turn of events, a 19-year-old bus hostess Mahwish Arshad was shot dead by a security guard named Umar Daraz at a deserted bus terminal in Faisalabad. Both Mahwish and Umar worked for the same travel company and the security guard had repeatedly asked her to marry him, which she refused.

According to the CCTV footage that surfaced over the social media, Mahwish was seen walking towards the steps when the killer grabbed her hand with force. The bus hostess was seen trying to get herself free from his grip, however, the guard shot her and left her bleeding on the stairs.

According to the FIR, the shooter fled from the scene while the sole-breadwinner of her family Mahwish died in a local hospital while undergoing treatment.

Mahwish Arshad bus hostess faislabad

The culprit was later arrested on the same night and confessed to killing Mahwish.

Mahwish Arshad Killer

The mother of deceased remarked that her daughter’s life could have been saved had she received timely medical assistance.

My daughter sacrificed herself to protect her honour. Strict punishment should be given to the man who killed my daughter.

The caretaker Chief Minister of Punjab, Professor Hasan Askari had advised the Inspector General (IG) Police to submit a report on the issue while ensuring justice.

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  • This incident in Pakistan has openly announced all over the world people to never never go or look towards Pakistan for any purpose (business, trading, investment, marriage etc) Pakistan is a dangerous country, there is no safety of life in Pakistan, the judiciary system of this country is totally failure, poor, normal, gentle population of this country are treated life animal but parliament and judiciary system of this corrupt country give protection of choor, daku, lutayray, defaulter, plunderer nautankibaz politician who enter in the parliament of this country with the help of Rawalpindi Mafias.

    • As hurtful or direct this statement is, i wholeheartedly agree to every word said here. Make no mistake, the perceived image of Pakistan is at the lowest level. Even some proud Pakistanis themselves are reluctant to admit their nationality to foreigners. Myself included, because the looks we receive after that … is enough to for ANY shameless person to either kill themselves or change their nationality.

      We are ‘hoping’ for a change, but i hardly doubt it’s going to come as easy as it sounds. Unless culprits like these are OPENLY HANGED in public, crimes like these will never go out. Any person murdering other innocent people, should receive NO LESS than a DEATH penalty, that too in PUBLIC. Unless ofcourse there is a settlement in Islamic way.

    • Bad judiciary system ✓
      Bad politicians ✓
      No public safety✓
      Dammnit came here for defense but everything you said is true.

    • Come on! Look at CPEC. Please give vote to Nawaz Sharif once more and all these things will improve. Just like during all his previous administrations they did!

    • Agreed …however please compare the statistics to population and number of incidents . I’ve lived abroad and incidents happen there too .Unfortunately bad news is considered news so media picks and highlights that more aggressively thus reinforcing a negative image .

  • The murderer’s skin should be pealed off to teach him and his likes a good lesson.

    As for Pakistan’s image, brothers we have been programmed through negative media bashing to think what you think and say about your motherland, its our fault we follow this media which is no different from that of our enemies.

    In the US, such killing is a daily routine on the streets, in many states you cant walk out in the evening with a $10 bill in your pocket without the risk of losing your life for it, but those countries know how to control the media, they use their media and ours to kill our self esteem and make their own nation believe they are the greatest. We are fools to have fallen in their trap. Get hold of your destiny instead of complaining brother.

    • I’ve lived in the US(UK/AU/Denmark) for a long period of time. In several US cities, NY, San Francisco, NJ, Seattle, LV, etc. I’ve carried $1000s at a time. What you’re saying might be true? But doesn’t happen to 99% of the normal US citizens. The ordinary people. In case of Pakistan, all these things happen to tonnes of innocent ordinary citizens. There’s no street where you can walk safe, no workplace without such people. Girls can’t work freely, neither can men! In the US/UK, at the very least most people can walk freely at most places without being scared of being robbed. Yes, there are a few neighborhoods, but that’s about it. 95% of the normal cities are quite ok. The place I currently reside at, there has been only 11 burglaries in the past whole year. Can you imagine?
      Yes, there are some messy places, but most are trouble free.

    • I have been living in US for very long and time frequently visit pakistan in summer vacations. I carry a lot of money in my pocket with any issue in US while over here i can’t. 1 day in H block market DHA 1 tried to rob be but luckily I had a pistol and he also had 1 he tried to shot me but i fired fired him first and got unconscious later he was transported to hospital and was the then sent to jail

  • جب تک انصاف نہیں ہو گا پاکستان بہتر نہیں ہو سکتا یہاں چور زانی قاتل ڈاکو ہمارے لیڈر ہیں ان سے بہتری کی کیا امید رکھی جاسکتی ہے.

  • اللہ اس لڑکی کو جنت الفروس میں جگہ عطا فرمائے۔
    اب اس قاتل گارڈ کو بچانے کے لئے ایک حرام خور وکیل کورٹ میں دلائل دے گا۔

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