After 6-Inch Rule, Bahria University Experiments with Separate Cafeterias for Male and Female Students

In yet another controversial move, Bahria University’s Islamabad Campus has banned mixed gatherings at the university cafeterias. Segregating male and female students seems to be the motive here and those breaching the code of conduct will face disciplinary action.

The administration has directed female students to avail cafeteria services from Dean’s Cafeteria located in Quaid Block while barring them from visiting other food outlets on the university premises.

It has also ordered male students to use separate cafeterias for the purpose, effectively separating both male and female students from further contact during recess.

Capital Café, Student Café and Daily Grind sections have been reserved for male students while restricting them from using the Dean’s Cafeteria.

Official Notification Issued

The official notification with the subject line ‘Bifurcation of Cafeterias’ signed by Commander (R) Habib-ur-Rehman – Deputy Director Admin & Coordination – reads:

It has been directed by the competent Authority that all female students are to avail Dean’s Cafeteria situated in Quaid Block and all other food outlets are out of bound for them. Similarly, all male students are to avail Capital Café, Student Café and Daily Grind and Dean’s Café is out of bound for them.

Bahria University Official Notification

This is not the first time Bahria University administration has come under criticism. Last month, the university issued a notification directing opposite gender students to maintain a 6-inch distance which sparked outrage over social media and students as well.

The Federation of All Pakistan Universities Academic Staff Association had ordered the university administration to withdraw the six-inch rule.

A staff member at the university believes that the directive doesn’t make any sense, questioning that when everything is same for the two genders what’s wrong with having same cafeterias. He said:

By segregating males from females at university means that we failed to prepare our students to be responsible members of our society.

Labeling the notification as ‘bizarre’, he said that the students who are about to enter their professional careers don’t need such forceful limitations and that those coming up with these ideas should think before issuing anything.

Social Media Reactions

Understandably, people have a lot to say about the latest move by Bahria University over social media:

What’s your opinion on the matter? Should boys and girls be allowed to sit together for meals and chit-chat sessions at the cafeterias or not? Let us know in the comments section.

Feature Writer

  • Bahria University needs attention towards the spread the admission.

    Shayad BU K Expense Pure Nahi Ho Rahy Honge New ADMISSION Se Kuch Bat Ban Jaye.

  • Buic new rector is diverse kinda islamic…. he also said many faculty members to take dupatta on their heads while attending conference which was then opposed by her…. moreover, there are also speculations that he wants separate boys girls classes as well but till now board did not allow him ..

  • too much shugal mela at bahria university for the past 18 years. Playboy and playgirl galore

  • I personally appreciate Bahria University on this……… I know I am sick-minded person :-) Main to kehta hun Co-Education khatam kar deni chahiye alag alag institute hony chahiyen…. aur yeh to bilkul bhi manny ki baat nahi ky is ky keliye funds nahi hain jabky khazana lootnay keliye khazanay mein bohat kuch hota hai……………… Jitna main janta hun Pakistani Universities educational institutes sy zyada wo dusri cheez zyada ban gaye hain jiska main naam nahi lena chahta! tabhi hamara yeh haal hai ky ham itny peechy hain hamari zehniyat creative nahi rahi balky kahin aur jaa rahi hai….

    • I
      also appreciate Bahria University on this. I am against Co-Education.

      When we
      boys can’t get admission in Girl’s colleges why girls are allowed to take
      admission in Boy’s colleges.

  • Sick mentality of the university management! Seriously. Is the staff up to the mark? Are physical facilities of good standard. This is just to divert attention from the real matters!

  • Well done Bahria university. Whats the harm in having separate cafes? Benefits are many. Many people dont want to send their children both males and females to mix education environments but the where they get admissions is sometimes not in control. We should respect others opinion and the language we use for anyone including administration. When we were ripped off of our identify by the british by changing our schooling system in the 19th century, this was the plan, to prepare such muslims who carry western values, so now segregation of male/female students stuns us, while it was not surprising for 1400 years.

    Since our society carries people with both the views and needs, first, we need to respect the other’s opinion, secondly try to co-exist. I SUGGEST: at least 1 cafe each should be boy only and girls only and allow the rest to be open for both. People choose what life style they want.

  • I was going to take admission in this University but thank God this happened before my addmission. Now I’ll take addmission in any other University

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