Coke Studio Explorer Delivers a Strong Debut with Three Musical Masterpieces

The Coke Studio Explorer songs are nothing if not an impeccable and effortless fusion of traditional music and modern, electronic beats.

We take a look at three songs that have enthralled thousands of listeners with their eclectic compositions:

Pareek – Kalash

Pareek explores the tunes of the Kalash valley in Chitral. The vocals and composition match up perfectly to create what is truly a musical masterpiece. Two teenage girls, Aryana and Amrina, take the lead while the rest of the group pays timely tribute to Kalash’s rich musical heritage.

The song is a satisfying amalgam of traditional Kalash folklore and urban electronic music that compels you to put it on repeat.

The music video captures the snowy landscapes of Kalash, while simultaneously tapping the forgotten folklore genre in the process. The striking chorus mixed with the producer’s flawless composition results in the perfect piece.

Listen to the catchy tune Pareek here:

Faqeera – Sindh

“Faqeera” features Sindhi brother-sister duo, Shamu Bai and Vishnu, whose collaboration is nothing short of a delightful surprise.

Shamu Bai and Vishnu’s traditional devotional singing is the epitome of raw talent. This song perfectly encapsulates their vocal prowess in a tribute to the local saints in pursuit of truth.

The devotion and determination in Vishnu’s voice and the soft warmth in Shamu Bai’s vocals will tap into your soul. The chords and tunes of the Benjo seamlessly compliment their delivery.

Faqeera’s soulful lyrics and composition, along with the depiction of Sindh’s rural culture, are a force to reckon with in the music video. There is really no questioning the unmatched talent behind the music.



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Naseebaya – Balochistan

Naseebaya revives the art of “Nar Sur” with a touch of urban-electronica. The song brings to life the glorious melodies of the valleys of Balochistan with a fine touch of the modern instrument. The lyrics are witty yet calming. The multilayered instrumentation takes the video to new unheard depths of Balochi tunes.

The gaps between the vocals are filled by the echoes of the traditional musical equipment used by Mangal, Shayan & Darehan.

Which one is your favorite among these? Sound off in the comments below.

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