Here’s How Much Tax is Really Being Charged on Fuel in Pakistan

Fuel prices have been at a record high since the past few weeks as the government decided to charge more taxes on petroleum products.

As the new pricing formula invited heated criticism from commuters and motorists, the Supreme Court decided to take a look into the matter. The court took suo moto notice over rising fuel prices and ordered the relevant authorities to send a detailed report. The authorities were also urged to reconsider their new tax structure.


Petroleum Prices See Record Hike in One Month

A report has already been submitted to the SC in this regard. According to the price chart, each liter of petrol contains Rs. 33 in taxes, and a base price of Rs. 61.87.

Here’s a breakdown of all the taxes levied on petrol, as per the report:

  • Base Price of Petrol: Rs. 61.87 (as of July 2018)
  • Taxes: Rs. 33
    • Levy on petrol — Rs. 10
    • Customs Duty — Rs. 3.15
    • General Sales Tax (GST) — Rs. 10.20
    • Dealer margin — Rs. 3.47
    • Inland freight margin — Rs. 3.91
    • Oil company margin — Rs. 2.64

For diesel, the base price is Rs. 67, while total tax charges are Rs. 46. The tax structure on diesel is as follows:

  • Base Price of Diesel: Rs. 67 (as Of July 2018)
  • Taxes on Diesel: Rs. 46
    • Levy on diesel — Rs. 8
    • Customs Duty — Rs. 8.89
    • General Sales Tax (GST) — Rs. 21.86
    • Dealer margin — Rs. 2.93
    • Inland freight margin — Rs. 1.55
    • Oil company margin — Rs. 2.64

Previously, the authorities justified the price increase of petrol to the tune of Rs. 99 by stating that this was being done in response to rising international prices, and also due to the Pakistani rupee’s depreciating value. Upon OGRA’s recommendation, the government agreed and almost immediately put the new prices in effect.

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  • So any dealer in Pakistan should do this business for free, as charity to people of Pakistan and earn “ajar and sawab-a-darain”.

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    Custom duty and GST should also be withdrawn as Pakistanis are not a rich nation.

    Government must give 100 liters free every month to citizens who do so much for their country especially by regularly paying taxes, such law abiding citizens should be rewarded.

    Some oil producing GCC countries are selling petrol with the same rate, not understanding why :/

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